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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance with you Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, transcending matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

I AM a free sovereign being in an path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a free sovereign being expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience, the Source of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You
Mostrando entradas con la etiqueta Healing. Mostrar todas las entradas
Mostrando entradas con la etiqueta Healing. Mostrar todas las entradas

sábado, 29 de junio de 2024

The Energies of July 2024 ~ Integrating Change

Beloved Ones,

July is another harmonic and loving month, asking us for retrieval, rejuvenation, and stabilization. This is a month to continue integrating change, after the profound transformation experienced during the previous months. A month to process all the energies and allow our bodies the time to adjust to our new frequency.

Integration occurs when we surrender and allow it. Allow all that needs to surface for us to heal or clear, flowing with change organically, so we allow the new energies in.

We are heading the 77-wisdom passage that will gradually introduce us to the 888 portal, the peak of the Emerald awakening that started months ago, and that now will be emphasized, especially in the Israel gate, Avalon lands, and other important locations retrieving the Emerald Ray.

We are already feeling the presence of our forefathers the White Elohim, as they told me when I received the 888 transmissions, helping and protecting us in this new phase that is like nothing we have ever experienced in previous years.

They are now intervening, benevolently, to assist in the planetary restoration and unification that is happening, expanding the love and healing embedded in the Emerald ray, that will continue supporting us and All living forms in the following months.

July is a loving month represented by a 6 universal number – 15 reduced. A number that represents the love, peace, harmony, and compassion that reigns, as well as the importance of our relationships, for there are many divine reunions taking place on the planet at this time, as a result of the monadic twin reconnection that many of you are undergoing, and that is the first step to achieve balanced and equal relationships.

Number 6 represents love. 6 is the stabilization that is taking place in many of us, and in our planet's organic gates, after the many changes that have been taking place for the last few months.

As it was June, July is too a month for expansion and self-realization, healing, and gridwork, for we all have different missions. A month for us to take care of our bodies, as they suffer the impact of all our daily thoughts, habits, feelings, past wounds, and the many energies that we have consciously chosen to embody.

On a deeper level, July’s energies open a wisdom integration portal in which many of you are already immersed, descending more clarity and guidance to continue with your unique journey and mission. Seven is often the number of years that we need to end a cycle and initiate a new one.

Seven is the time we need to master the human self, for its ascension, into a new level of consciousness. This is where we, personally, and globally, find ourselves at this time. A portal that this year my Guides shared is about clearing ancestral clearing, for when we heal from the present, the healing triggered affects our previous past and future seven bloodlines’ generations, helping them to liberate from years of repression.

It is only then that we can embody both our galactic and ancestral familiar wisdom, liberating them from our DNA, where it resided, repressed by the many non-benevolent tactics and tools to suppress consciousness.

It is a time as well to continue clearing Saturnian manipulations, as this planet has been deeply used to create more delusions and block the seventh-dimensional ray from fully entering our planet. Something that has now finally changed, and we are now able to embody the full seventh-dimensional spectrum, restoring, awakening, and opening again our seventh-dimensional left shoulder portal, embodying the violet ray and, hence retrieving the female energy.

July is a key month to focus on self-care, nourishment, and body recalibration. In the following three months, we will be constantly integrating again, and the success of our embodiment will depend on how much we dedicate ourselves to restoring and replenishing ourselves, and our bodies during these two months of June and July.

Astrological Events

We start the month of July with a healing event to help us at this time of rejuvenation and self-care. On the 1st of July, we have Jupiter semi-square Chiron. Jupiter, the planet of expansion defies all retrograde this month, as it will be very active, aligning with healing cosmic forces for us to continue our work of self-reconnection, illumination, and expansion.

Jupiter semi-square Chiron, at a time when our bodies need our attention. This event comes to remind us of the importance of healing the physical, mental, and emotional wounds as we navigate through this plane, and we need to address them rather than bury them.

Wounds that resurface from the depths of our being, when we do our healing work, clearing eons of manipulation, DNA suppression, female and masculine distortions, and above all, unlove and therefore fear, for this has been the most profound wound exerted upon humanity.

July is a month, for those who resonate with retrogrades, that have many planets turning retrograde. We already have Saturn since the end of June retrograde, as well as Neptune, doing the same on July 2nd, and Chiron at the end of the month. Being the only minor planet direct Pallas on July 9.

As you know I do not foment retrogrades, for this illusion has created and enhanced fears in the collective. Fears not to act, or expand on a certain period, fears of outer alignments and events having power over us and personal reality, and fears of limitation.

In my personal reality, all occurs according to both my personal micro cycles, ruled by my soul and God Self and my own creations. It all depends on what beliefs, and forces we choose to align with.

When we choose fear, we experience limitation. When we choose love and freedom, we continue expanding, for it is our true nature.

I leave it to you to take what resonates, leave the rest, and follow only your personal belief system and guidance.

If you follow retrogrades then it will also coincide with July’s energies which are about rejuvenation, moving inward to retrieve wisdom, and above all, harmony and healing.

Retrogrades are very real for those who believe in them, not because they have any power over us, but because they have created this belief as well as the collective, and we are so powerful as a collective that when we create something it becomes real. That is how powerful we are as divine beings.

Imagine if we direct this power to build positively, lovingly, and expansively.

On July 2 Mercury enters Leo. The essence of this reunion is to help us communicate lovingly, and passionately, from an empowering and authentic perspective, but always with the truth and respect to all.

All events from this month are teaching us how to become more loving, self-sufficient, compassionate, and caring towards All, for learning how to be and express ourselves more lovingly never ends.

It is a good energy to work on being confident, trusting our guidance and ideas, and learning how to expose them, constructively, to expand and help others with what we build, for our words build, whether more love, fear, or creativity. It is a good transit to make our voice be heard, respected and listened to.

Sometimes we may have wonderful ideas and projects to manifest. However, we may not have the confidence to take the lead and speak out. This transit is about learning how to express our hearts and minds, constructively, and compassionately.

On July 5 we have two important transits, Uranus semi-square True Node, and a New Moon at 15 degrees Cancer. The first event is about embracing, and integrating change and flow with it. This is what we are mastering this month, the integration of all the changes that by consciously agreeing and aligning with the new earth’s energies, we have created, and we are now embracing and understanding, from a more illumined perspective, for we need to adjust to our new bodies and reality.

Everything we experience, even if the most painful change, is to show us something precious we could not see if we were not passing through this lesson. We may not see it in the moment, we are not meant to. We will see it when we finally move into a more evolved state of being. It is then that we see the precious lessons, the strength, and the expansion that all these challenges brought to us.

This event pushes us to move forward with the change that is just the result of all of our previous work.

It is about moving into future timeliness, creating our new lives, and learning how to live within constant change, leaving the past behind and understanding that this time does not exist any longer, and therefore the only way is forward, keeping only everything, we have mastered, remembered while we traversed the shadows.  

The New Moon in Cancer, on this same day, represents the peak of the female energies, the universal Mother frequencies that are reigning our plane at this time, together with the divine masculine ones, fomenting self-nurturance, integration, and above all synthesis between both of them.

This New Moon is about emotional healing, rejuvenation, and wound clearing. This is pivotal when we are immersed in a transformative phase, as we have been for a while. It is a time to focus on everything that is resurfacing from the depths of our being at this time.

As we transform ourselves, many memories and wounds can emerge, and this is a time to acknowledge them, embracing pain and understanding that only when we embrace our vulnerability, is that we can open our hearts, for we already know the shadows, the pain, and we are no longer afraid of them. We now filter it and continue embracing more to heal ourselves and All.

On July 9 Jupiter sextile True Node. This is another sign of the universal assistance that we are receiving to consciously co-create with All that surrounds us, manifesting more love, abundance, and assistance throughout our creations.

The True Node often is about our destiny, where we are heading, and what our soul wishes to create, expand, or transform next. Many will feel the urge to explore the unknown, searching for new possibilities that help them expand their physical reality. While others will seek this expansion from within, expanding in their personal mission. 

Expansion, wealth, and everything we desire to improve in our physical reality, begin by first loving, respecting, and honoring ourselves. Without this basic principle, we cannot experience the outcome desired, for we cannot continue separating and believing that what we need comes from the outer, as it only creates the illusion of putting responsibility for our needs in others or something else that governs us.

On this same day we also have Pallas Direct in the sign of Scorpio. Pallas is also a very female energy, represents the wisdom of the feminine, and its power, when we are aligned, from within, with the Divine Feminine, and consciously descend its guidance.

This is a month to cultivate the female essence, which is passive but not that less effective or expansive, balancing the masculine, expansive, and fiery energies that are about to come.

A frequency that reminds us of the importance of dwelling in the love, wisdom, and healing power of the feminine, while we continue creating, and manifesting, in the physical, as reconnection, and deep soul communion, are key for us to create with discernment and equality.

Pallas in Scorpio invites us to delve into the unknown, into who we truly are, healing all separation and fears to see the truth, but also the wisdom that resides within it.

Two days later, on July 11, we have Venus enters Leo. Venus in Leo can assist us with two main purposes: clearing our ego, and discerning what is truly valuable from what is not an authentic expression of love, as we have been programmed to love from an egoic perspective, rather than from a soul one. 

Furthermore, learning how to give ourselves, passionately, to others, in the way we choose to do so, relationships, our personal mission, or anything we desire to manifest or expand, from a loving space, for when there is love, and will, there is always a way.

It is a wonderful energy to work on commitment, self-confidence, and loyalty, daring to be bold, creative, and stronger in the love that we are, and desire to express to others.

On July 18 Jupiter will quintile Neptune. Jupiter in Gemini together with Neptune in Pisces can be a very confusing energy for many who are experiencing a profound inner shift, as the more we expand into Neptune, the more risk of falling into delusions, escapism, and ungroundedness.

It also offers us the opportunity to see the illusions that often confuse us and impede us from seeing with clarity where we are, and what we need to move forward. This is why we need to be grounded and clear our minds and emotions first, so all we see in the depths of our being, we are strong to face and remove.

When we are grounded and balanced this transit will help us to dive deep into our emotions, into our soul and mental plane, helping us to dissolve delusions, and human programs, that still govern, and beyond everything limit our mental body, as well as to expand in healing, spirituality, and in our soul mission, for those who are already working in the previous.

If we follow our soul compass, as the only authentic guidance, we will learn how to recognize the shadows, illusions, and false programs, for our feelings never lie, allowing us to see where we are, and where we need to shift trajectory. 

On July 20 Mars enters Gemini. This transit is an invitation to be flexible, transcend limitations, and be open to new ways of communicating. Mars’s passionate energy helps us understand the power of communication.

How do we communicate with ourselves? Often, we program ourselves unlovingly and negatively through self-negative talk. How do we communicate with others? For words can create, heal, or destroy.

Loving, compassionate, and respectful communication is key here, as Mar’s fierceness does not make it easy to control our impulses. This is precisely the lesson, to learn when the time is to speak our truth, how, and who will value it, as communication is another form of energy of creating in the physical, and we should be mindful of where we share our deepest thoughts and feelings.

On July 21 we have a Full Moon in Capricorn. This is a twin moon, as we had exactly another Capricornian moon on June 21. A double moon whose main mission is to help us achieve self-illumination, grounding the wisdom that we are descending during this time of soul retrieval and conscious expansion, from within.

It is with Capricorn that we have the opportunity to move inward and work on our DNA, on the chromosomes, specifically, in the part known as telomeres, the ones that contain our DNA. Above all, for healing genetically inherited diseases, etc. Capricorn together with the energies that surround it, is a great support if we are working with our DNA, as well as with stabilization and implant clearing. 

Capricorn is essential for us to learn how to manage our body functions, energy, our vital life force, and all we are integrating, for we need to give the energies a clear purpose, as energies in themselves will not come to us and choose for us, it is our Consciousness the one who aligns, determines and manifests. 

Capricorn's essence will too help those who are working with clearing mitochondrial cells, as I previously shared in the first moon, which as you know also contain DNA, and are responsible for our body's energy management.

This lunation will help us be more grounded, take more care of our physical vehicles, and learn new ways to integrate and manage energy.

Beyond everything Capricorn is about self-illumination, and we can only achieve that when we shift our bodies and start the process of conscious transfiguration.

On the next day, on July 22, the Sun enters Leo. We pass from loving and intuitive Cancer to fiery Leo season. With the Sun in Leo, we can embody this fierce essence to empower ourselves and express our hearts by standing firm in who we are, sharing our unique Divine Spark, at a time when freedom and the right to express ourselves are essential. 

We will be assisted during this time, as we always are, to open our heart to a higher form of love and healing with the emerald activation that is taking place. An emerald retrieval that will be key to those who are healers, to expand on their healing abilities and universal mission of assistance to the planet.

An excess of this fierce frequency could lead us into arrogance, which is why balance, as always, and mastering the ego is key to being able to discern for ourselves if we are using these energies for self-empowerment or egoically.

On July 25 Mercury enters Virgo. Mercury in Earth signs this year is a very important message that we cannot miss. It is about remembering that purification, as Virgo reminds us, is important, but that this distillation begins in our minds.

Everything impure in our physical bodies, and hence, physical reality, began with a thought. If we focus on clearing our mental bodies, of all negative and self-destructive thoughts, our entire life will shift, for we have mastered the most important: the egoic mind and its passive-aggressive methods to disempower ourselves.

Think, feel, and act purely and everything else will reflect the same love, clarity, and honesty in your life. This is the main message from mercury in earth signs (retrograde) this year, for we often move into our physical reality, where we believe we can shift all that is not working, forgetting that it all begins with our thoughts.

We end the month on July 26 by having Chiron Retrograde, for those who resonate with it, although Chiron, the so-called Wounded Healer, is a healing ally whether retrograde or not.

If we choose to align with Chiron in Aries, it will help us to heal the ego, to work with all the victimhood and self-destructive programs that we may have, and that impede us from seeing our magnificence, as divine beings, which together with Leo is wonderful to embrace our authentic self, and its wondrous abilities. 

We have a month filled with loving and wondrous healing energies to start moving from pain and step into a more empowered and illumined state of being.

This passage is to help us retrieve strength, wisdom, and power to be able to immerse ourselves into a wonderful new energetic wave.

I wish you a wonderful July, Beloveds.

May you create more love, harmony, and peace.

Within Infinite Love,

Natalia Alba

viernes, 5 de enero de 2024

January Energies II: 1/11 Capricorn Portal

Beloved Ones,

The 1/11 portal, one of unity with the Illumined Aspects of us, will be activated by the Capricornian energies that are helping us achieve the first step towards self-illumination, for this is what we start mastering with Capricorn.  On this day we too have Mars in Capricorn together with the New Moon at 20 degrees of this sign. It is a time to begin descending our soul mission or part of it, for many will be stepping into it, while others will be initiating themselves in new aspects.

The moon will harmonize with Uranus, the Bringer of Change through self-liberation, with Neptune, the Spiritual Planet per excellence, and with Pluto, the Planet of Rebirth. This is the process that we are experiencing at this time, a process of inner transformation, through inner alchemy, and self-unification to rebirth into the illumined beings that we are. Planetary Forces that together with Capricorn facilitate this inner reconnective process. 

Many of you have already stepped into a new phase of monadic integration. This phase requires first the opening of our soul portal to be able to achieve this integration. The soul, as you know, is the female aspect of the Divine, while the Monad represents the Divine Masculine aspect of us. This is why Guides emphasize the importance of unifying both principles, before reconnecting both of them. Otherwise, the integration will not be successful.

When we talk about ascension, we are referring to the ultimate phase, when we finally leave this plane, as in truth the process we experience while we are in a physical body, is the opposite, the descension of our soul and monad into our 3D selves. This is what activates the ultimate ascension process.

This is a phase that many are undergoing at this time and that my Guides call galactivation, as it is key to being able to achieve a higher level of consciousness and self-mastery. Galactivation means to embody our cosmic aspects, wisdom, and unique abilities, through the healing and embodiment of our soul and monad.

However, to be able to conquer this personal alignment and activation, first, the healing of our cosmic memories and heritage is pivotal, as well as the clearing and reconnection of our sixth and seventh body dimensional portals, where the feminine and masculine unification truly begins.

We are leaving behind more egoic layers. In the beginning, this process may seem arduous, as we have to learn to recognize and embrace the new us again. A process that involves the death of the ego, as we embody higher essences, and needs of our support and compassion to be able to be understood and integrated.

The path may not always be a bed of roses. However, it is a wonderful and blessed path to transit when we know our final destination: to reunite with who we truly are, and All That Is. The joy is in walking the path, with new companions, adventures, and opportunities for personal growth. The path was never for us to rush the process of achieving more in a faster way.

The growth comes when we accept, embrace, and let it all go, so we can receive again the many blessings that we are too granted when we consciously choose to walk this path with unconditional love, integrity, and compassionate witnessing. 

I wish you a lovely and illumined passage, Beloveds.

Within Infinite Love,

Natalia Alba 

lunes, 2 de octubre de 2023

𝙉𝙚𝙬 𝙈𝙤𝙤𝙣 𝘼𝙣𝙣𝙪𝙡𝙖𝙧 𝙎𝙤𝙡𝙖𝙧 𝙀𝙘𝙡𝙞𝙥𝙨𝙚 𝙞𝙣 𝙇𝙞𝙗𝙧𝙖, 𝙊𝙘𝙩𝙤𝙗𝙚𝙧 14𝙩𝙝, 2023 ~ 𝙃𝙚𝙖𝙡𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙋𝙖𝙨𝙩

Beloved Ones,  

As many of you are already feeling, October has begun with intense energies that prepare us for a major shift. Changes, on the opposite of what is often believed, come from our desire and inner work of transforming as a species, as nothing from the outer can really trigger any change if we first do not create it from the inside. 

We soon will welcome the New Moon Solar - Annular - Eclipse at 21 degrees Libra, which represents the peak of the stabilizing frequencies received during September. We are shifting from the Nodal Axis Taurus/Scorpio, into the Aries/Libra one, having the last Eclipse in Taurus at the end of the month. We are asked now to move into a sovereign space, as Pluto, another important ally during this moon, together with Aries remind us, only achieved through inner balance, as Libra suggests to us.

The Eclipse conjuncts the Libra South Node. It is a time to make peace with the past, understanding that attachment creates stagnation, impeding us from expanding into new horizons. Embracing peace and harmony, through soul retrieval is vital if we desire to begin anew, although new beginnings are often the natural consequence of having released old aspects of ourselves. 

The eclipse together with the South Node reminds us of the importance of healing the past, who we have been, and our relationships, cutting cords to finally release ourselves and others from energetic attachments. and all we did under a different level of consciousness before we can move on, otherwise we will manifest the same habits, outcomes, and thoughts into the present moment. This is the only way to love ourselves in the present moment, freeing ourselves from our past and regaining sovereignty. 

When we deal with feelings of guilt and shame it is vital to observe ourselves and what we did from a higher perspective, for we are no longer the same person. Guilt is a pointless feeling for it keeps us from seeing who we have become now, and all we have gained in consciousness. 

Guilt shall be substituted for responsibility, balancing the past deeds we no longer agree with, with new benevolent ones. That is how we cancel past deeds, by acting lovingly, respectfully, and honestly now, in the present moment, with ourselves, others, and All within Creation, so all we heal in the present moment affects too our parallel selves. 

We too have another important aspect, during this eclipse, that invites us to express who we are, and our feelings, from a loving and honest space. We have a conjunction between the Sun, Moon, and Mercury, suggesting the importance of self-soul expression. 

This will be emphasized by the opposition of the Solar eclipse to Chiron in Aries, which reinforces the message of self-healing. Healing our feelings of being inadequate, regaining freedom, and personal sovereignty, being who we are, standing tall in our truth and personal path, for we all, individually, and collectively, are now regaining full authority of our lives and personal thoughts, as never before in our human history. 

Uranus also quincunx the Solar eclipse, which represents the massive awakening that is taking place for quite a while in the collective consciousness. This is too about perspective, for when we agree to be open to change, our view of things constantly shifts, seeing ourselves, and our personal reality in a totally different way.

During this time we are invited to balance diplomacy, honesty, and humility with our ego, and abuse of power, which can fall out of balance if we move into a sovereign distorted perspective. There is a very fine line between sovereignty and abuse of power, and this is when Libra's energies intervene for us to set a balance between both aspects that coexist within us. 

On a planetary level, we are now facing the end, and the beginning of a new integration phase, in which gridworkers will be too immersed, helping in the task of anchoring the new earth's energies descending now from the eight dimensions. A gradual process that requires constant embodiment, and stabilization, which is why the periods of rest our bodies need increase, while we are immersed in these new activation phases. 

The moment to begin working with forgiveness and balance is now, not when the eclipse comes, as the eclipse is the outer view of what has been previously taking form, on an energetic and non-physical level, as Guides continually share. The energies from the eclipses also last for months, which is why it is important to release the belief that everything needs to be done on this same day. This is just the peak of what is already taking place.

The eclipse's impact on you depends on your personal micro cycles, as this is just a universal view of what Guides shared for All. Your guidance, where you are and your personal chart, will determine how it will particularly affect you. Take always what resonates with your own guidance, please. 

From a more physical perspective, Guides invite us to achieve purification, during this time, especially on the organs that Libra rules: Ovaries, adrenals, lumbar, skin, veins, and kidneys, as kidneys are in charge of purifying our physical bodies. As the seventh zodiac sign, its correlation is with the Violet seventh-dimensional Ray, and hence is a good time to call upon it to bring more restoration and distillation into our bodies. 

The heptagon, with its seven sides, a number of contemplation, and soul communion, is the geometrical pattern that Guides invites us to work with, during this time.  Starting to work on transcendence, so we can pass to anchor our physical selves with the monad, which as you know resides in the seventh, especially eighth, and ninth dimensions, for all works in triads.

This is the peak of the seventh universal year that we are still experiencing, and that introduces us to the eighth universal year that is about to come, in which we will move into the next orb of our template, the eighth one that represents the unity with our Monad, allowing us to continue the conscious unification process that last year began for many, and that will continue until we unify with our God twelfth dimensional self.

This is a process that is linked to our DNA healing and reconnection, as all works in unison and if we have not yet begun the rehabilitation of our DNA strands, we cannot fully have access to the inner wisdom, that resides within. DNA rehabilitation is pivotal to reconnecting ourselves with the twelfth dimensions in which we dwell, as twelve-dimensional beings, especially for gridworkers who must maneuvre between many different timelines. 

Unification is where we are heading and where the current planetary energies assist us. A process that required balance, in all aspects of ourselves. Balance comes when we have integrated the shadows, overcome fear, and accept the totality of who we are, in this plane, as sacred and equal. 

It is only when we love all of who we are, forgive ourselves, past, and others, and remain in the present, with an open heart that serves All equally, that we can finally act as integrated, unified, and sovereign beings, starting to co-create in more illumined ways.

I wish you a loving eclipse, Beloved Ones.

Within Infinite Love,

Natalia Alba

martes, 26 de septiembre de 2023

The Energies of October 2023 ~ Complete Surrender

Beloved Ones,

We are in the final stage of this year of wisdom integration and soul realignment. September, a  culmination of this seventh universal year, is a month that invited us to heal and create more harmony, preparing ourselves for October, and the many changes that are around the corner. As always, there is a time for everything within creation, and during this month we had the opportunity to evaluate and discern our personal journey, where we are, and where we are heading, so we can now start anew, if this is our main purpose, at this time.

Changes that need to be balanced, as Libra asks us if we desire to manifest aligned outcomes. Both different energies will collide to help us achieve a perfect equilibrium between acting and continuing to be balanced and grounded, as it is pivotal for us to continue integrating, without falling imbalance. Balance is key while we navigate through change, not to lose ourselves in delusions or in the emotional turmoil that we often experience. 

We end September with a Moon in Aries, that reminds us of the power of action, after a period of realignment and rejuvenation. We start now a new phase of conscious creation and transformation, in which taking action towards our desires is key. Aries introduces us to October's essence, one of change, and manifestation, reminding us of the power of creation that we all hold within, and that we often search outside. 

The power from this Aries Moon comes from Venus, ruler of Libra, squaring Uranus, and Mars, ruler of Aries, quincunx Uranus. These energies are a clear invitation for us to commit to our goals and evolutionary path, using our inner power to conquer our fears, through conscious action, as desires without action become a delusion, as it impedes us to ground ourselves and desires, in the physical. An invitation that will extend to October and that involves standing tall in who we are, creating a life that reflects our inner empowered state of being. 

As we step into October, an eight universal month, we will have the feeling of completion and new beginnings, as a result of all the inner work achieved during these past months. This is a month for us to embrace the cosmic void in which many are immersed, understanding that for us to create a new beginning, many things need to be transformed. October especially with the coming of the eclipses, will present us with very powerful energies to work on balance, amplification, creation, and above all, change.

This month's eight universal essence is also a very abundant and loving one. It represents what is lasting, and therefore what always remains in balance, in constant flow and communication with All. This is what we are invited to create within ourselves, so our outer reality reflects the same infinite possibilities that are in our soul's realm. 

Number 8 is infinite, where endings and new beginnings are intertwined. This is where many are at the moment, in a void where they commune with their soul to obtain more wisdom, before stepping into the unknown, for in our new harmonic timeline, the only way forward is to follow our own soul's compass. 

A number that too represents the balance achieved, and the profundity of Scorpion, that will be present at the end of the month. Number eight also represents the Monad, and it is the beginning of building the connection to their Illumined Selves, something that we will be working too during 2024, as it is also an eight-universal year. 

Guides share the importance of working on Self-discipline during October, as one of the most important tools for us to master ourselves, if we desire to continue evolving. Being disciplined is important to keep us focused on what is truly important - healing, unity, and wisdom embodiment. 

Being self-discipline involves doing our ascension practices, even though we may not see fast results, for this journey is not about results, but about becoming healed and whole again, so we can remember who we are, and act accordingly, as sovereign free beings in charge of our life experience.

This is something that only through constancy and devotion can be accomplished. During October, many of us are going to be fully immersed in many important changes. Changes that affect our body like never before in our ascension path. Changes that involve the creation of a totally different life experience, and without self-discipline, and complete surrender to the changes that we have created ourselves, will fall apart.

Guides also emphasize the importance of adapting to change, by flowing with what is taking place, rather than trying to control the universal tides, for we can never understand the complexity of God's creation plan behind every person and situation. 

The human delusion of control starts vanishing when we realize that we can only control our own thoughts, and actions, allowing others to manifest themselves as they are, as well as personal creations. When we surrender and move towards the universal stream, even though we may feel like navigating the unknown, we are allowing our soul to guide us, leading us towards our next destination, in perfect co-creation with All.

October is a month to practice unconditional surrender, for it is only under this peaceful, and trustful state of being, that we can move into a more harmonic space, manifesting only that which serves our highest good and that of All.

Astrological Events

October is one of the busiest months of the year. We begin the month by having Mercury moving into the sign of Libra on October 4th. Mercury in Libra emphasizes the essence of October, as it is about bringing balance into our mental plane, as balance begins by holding the mental equilibrium and clarity required for us to make the necessary changes that we wish to create in our life experience.

On October 8th, Venus enters Virgo. Venus is the feminine aspect of us who creates from the womb and who gives birth within Divine love and compassion. This is wonderful energy for those who are beginning to make their passion their living as well. 

Venus, the Planet of Love and Abundance in Virgo is going to teach us how to anchor all we desire to create, in the tangible, in a way that serves others, not just ourselves. This is about grounding our soul desires and goals in a way that we too nurture ourselves in the physical, at the same time that we are in service. This is what we came here to practice - being ourselves in a way that also contributes All. 

Two days later, on October 10th, Pluto will turn direct again, for those who resonate with retrograde phases. Pluto, represents at this time the renewal, awakening, and rebirth that many are experiencing in many different ways. Some are beginning to awaken to their true nature, remembering, and stepping into a more authentic path. 

Others are embodying a more illumined aspect of themselves, leaving behind more old egoic layers, regenerating, rebirthing, and becoming more whole. This is a time when many of us will experience inner catharsis, in some way or another, for our entire body, life, is shifting, as we continually choose to be part of this transition. 

On October 12th, Mars enters Scorpio. The Planet of action, determination, and courage dwelling in the Water sign of Scorpio, invites us to dive deep into our emotions, for many are experiencing an emotional clearing as well, healing all that no longer serves our journey, and bringing our visions on the surface, using our inner fire to go after our desires, for it is time for us to fulfill our inspirations and goals in the physical. Both forces perfectly combined to help us understand that despite their different nature, they can come together to trigger a positive transformation. 

As during October almost every two days we have a powerful event in our heavens, as it is a very busy month, on October 14th, we too have the first eclipse of this month, a New Moon Solar Eclipse (Annular) at 21 degrees Libra. This is the culmination of Libra energies. The second eclipse along the Aries-Libra Axis this year, since April 20th, 2023, and that will last until March 2025. 

A stabilizing and harmonic frequency that began last month and that still reigns, allowing us to end a cycle of conscious purification and harmonization, to begin a new one of intentional creation, as this is a time to act on our desires, whether it is to heal or clear an aspect of ourselves or to create on a physical level. 

All invites us during this month to continue stabilizing ourselves, but now more than in a passive, feminine, way, to a more masculine one, beginning to move from within to without. This is an energy that asks us to move forward, to commit to our goals, and as Guides previously shared, to be self-disciplined in whatever we wish to attain, for it is only through our daily dedication to that which we wish to build, that we can obtain the desired outcomes. 

For those who are experiencing challenges in their relationships, this is also a major passage for working on balanced and equal relationships. This is something that starts from within, by unifying what fragments us and by becoming open to learning from each of our soul encounters, balancing our ego self, and using compassionate witnessing as the best tool for us to realize what should be changed in ourselves, and our relationships. 

Discernment is key during this passage, focusing on our micro personal cycles, guidance, and where we are and want to be, in our ascension path. This is what will let us know what we need to work with or expand, at this time, as even though the eclipse may have a universal meaning, it will be very unique for each and every one of us. Looking at your chart to see where it resides is also useful, as often it will indicate the area of yourself or life that needs more work or support, at this time. 

On October 16 Jupiter quintile Saturn. This represents very well where we are, the energies of the moment, a mix between action and balance, which is also set by the Aries-Libra eclipses. This indicates a time for a change, and hence expansion, although with the discernment and equilibrium required not to act impulsively. This is a very visionary time, if we focus our creative force in a balanced and grounded way. 

From this day until October 19, we too have our sun aligning with Arcturus. This will signify a powerful healing portal for all who need to work on etheric surgery or mental clearing, for they are wonderful healers to help us achieve balance in all aspects of our non-physical bodies, reaching dimensions that we still cannot, from our human consciousness. 

A few days later, on October 22ndwe have Mercury entering into Scorpio. This is the macro representation of the profound planetary mental shift that is already taking place, and that we all are seeing from our unique perspectives. At a global level, a lot of change is happening, especially at that precise time of profound planetary transformation. 

On a personal level, this is not just about experiencing the change that comes from outside but the one that we can create in our mental plane if we desire that our physical reality change, as everything originates first from what we create in our minds. 

Mercury in Scorpio invites us to go deeper into our old ways of thinking, clearing all distorted and fake beliefs and searching for the truth that lies behind a situation and a thought pattern. It is important that we clear our mental plane from time to time, or we will fall into the trap of believing that all we think to be true is direct guidance when it is often the result of perpetual negative thinking or a delusional one. 

A time for us to allow our emotions to emerge, for they are our best teachers, learning how to express all we feel constructively, for this is also a wonderful healing tool. Often the majority of our programs are due to negative self-talk or other unconscious beliefs that impede us from seeing the truth of who we are and reality. This is why it is so important to express ourselves, as it is when we see what is keeping us from embracing healing, change, or what we need at the moment. 

On October 23 the Sun enters Scorpio, a Water sign, that invites us to navigate through our inner realms to illuminate those dark corners through the wisdom we have regained during all this time, embracing as well the "dark" aspects that are also a part of who we are and Creation - that makes us whole and One with All. 

A time to look within to receive all the revelations that these last months bring to us, as the last part of this year, will show us where we are going, as well as new ways of being of assistance, which is of great importance to change direction if the timeline we have chosen no longer resonates with our true destination. 

Lastly, we end the month with the second eclipse, on October 28, a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 5 degrees Taurus. The last one happening along the Taurus-Scorpio axis. This is a time for us to ground ourselves, and our creations, for we have been previously creating the balance, the strong foundations for our dreams to thrive. 

This is a reminder for us to focus on our earthly plane, without forgetting the importance of soul communion, as Scorpio reminds us. Both are equally important, to hold balance within and in our lives. It is a passage for us to support our bodies, bringing attention to all that sustains us as well, for it is an extension of who we are, and often it is precisely what reminds us if we are balanced or if we are still experiencing some separation, as everything we see in our lives, comes from within.

The moon will oppose Mercury, while Mars will conjunct with Jupiter and Uranus. This is a very powerful combination of personal growth, expansion, and creation. The balance is set by the sextile with Saturn, which will help us to allow, through unconditional surrender, all the blessings that are already in our life experience, and that we often miss, due to our expectation of how we and our lives should be.

If we detach from our egoic view of how we and things should be, and embrace all as it Is, we will begin to find a blessing in every single aspect of our lives, for we are now aligned with our soul, rather than with the ego and its constant need for control. 

The eclipses are a source of healing, power, and expansion if we have done the previous inner work to integrate these energies, learning how to direct them properly. For some, it will be the end, while for others it will be the beginning of a new journey.

All is always heading in the right direction for us, evolutionary speaking, even though we cannot see the bigger picture yet. 

Our thoughts, feelings, and acts determine where we are going, as nothing from the outer can create for us, for it is Law that only we can determine our personal destiny.

These last months are decisive for us to detour from our original timeline or maintain ourselves in it, as it is in this cosmic space that we are now immersed that we will create the next phase of our journey. 

May you create from a conscious and loving space towards yourself and All.

Have a wonderful October, Beloved Ones!

Within Infinite Love,

Natalia Alba

martes, 12 de septiembre de 2023

New Moon in Virgo, September 14th, 2023 - Retrieving Wholeness

Beloved Ones,

During this harmonic and rejuvenating month, before stepping into the eclipse season, we are passing through a very healing phase, with the Sun and soon moon too in Virgo. Virgo invites us to purify and transform ourselves, through the conscious release of what no longer serves, especially in our bodies, as they are the ones suffering the most from our ascension process. 

This is a time to honor them, by being grounded and in perfect harmony with our Earth plane, for it is the best purifier that we could ever have. Our bodies are our sacred temples here on earth, the ones who allow us this experience and the ones who constantly regenerate and transmute so we can live and expand on our human plane. 

A time of profound healing before we embark on a totally new chapter. A time for us to discern, pause, and begin to see all we have created, revise our previous creations, and make the necessary changes that will shift our current trajectory or maintain it. This is a message that will be reinforced by six planets in retrograde at this time, for those who believe in retrogrades as a way to retrieve and work on revising their life experience. However, in the end, it is about where we, personally, are in our ascension journey, what truly matters, something we learn through the conscious witnessing of our micro cycles.

The most important frequency from this passage is the Grand Trine happening between the Sun and Moon in Virgo, Uranus and Jupiter in Taurus, and Pluto in Capricorn. An essence of love, and hence infinite abundance, restoration, and amplification of what we desire to create in our bodies and lives. 

Many are undergoing a phase of profound healing, while others will be focusing on the amplification of the recent energies received, to continue helping on the restoration of the Earth's grids. Each purpose is different, and this is why it is so important to align with the energies that we desire to co-create with and give them an aim. 

As you know Virgo is ruled by Mercury, which at the time is about to go direct, for those who resonate with slow-motion phases. Mercury is still in Virgo as well, making this a wonderful time for us to clear our mental body of all disempowered beliefs and other implanted ones, for the illusion of it being retrograde only disempowers our ability to align with its authentic frequency, and with the true meaning of Mercury in Virgo, as an ally to reprogram our mental body, allowing clarity, and the free flow of communication in both our earthly plane and divine ones. 

This is a passage that also facilitates change, as the Virgo New Moon is in harmony - trine - with Uranus, helping us to transmute, transcend, or remove from our bodies and lives, all that is diminishing our life force, and power of creation. This is a time for us to focus on our bodies, on recalibration and stabilization, as the six planets we have during this passage on Earth signs remind us. We too have five planets in Mutable signs, making it easier to adapt to change, for when we are willing to create anew, first we must be ready for the change it involves. 

Virgo's essence is associated with the Divine Feminine Archetype of wisdom, purity, and wholeness - nurturing and loving everything she touches; in the physical. Virgo is the one who reminds us that we are here to descend and embody the Essence of who we truly are on earth, as well as our soul desires. 

This is a passage to work on self-love, honoring ourselves, our bodies which are One with the Earth, and our original mission on this planet, which is to bring more harmony, purity, and healing for All.

It is a time when the energies will help us amplify healing at all levels, for the refinement and stabilization of the Earth's grids continue, as we step into the Equinox, syntonizing our bodies with the Earth's portals that have been rehabilitated, and bringing more illumination into ourselves, for it is what helps us disengage from the many human traps that intent to keep us dormant.

We are immersed in a season in which creating more balance is pivotal to preparing ourselves for the next integration phase. It is now time to clear old energies, beliefs, programs, habits, and relationships that have fulfilled their purpose and that is now time to honor by letting them go, so we can embrace again the new souls that are eager to co-create with us, in our new journey. 

Virgo reminds us of the power of conscious release for us to undercover what was hidden due to our limited human perspective of ourselves, and reality. Virgo is a reminder of the need for us to remove all egoic layers and illusions, so only the purity of our being arises again, and hence, our sovereignty and wholeness. 

As the Great Awakener Uranus reminds us at this time, in co-creation with Virgo, it is essential to wake up, liberating ourselves from illusions and beginning to embrace our Divine Role as creators, and the responsibility that comes with it, towards ourselves and our service to All Creation.

I wish you a healing and harmonic passage, Beloved Ones.

Within Infinite Love,

Natalia Aba 

viernes, 25 de agosto de 2023

August's Energies Part III - Letting God In

Beloved Ones,

As we approach the end of the month, we will feel the invitation to retire, being in silence, in deep communion with our Soul. This period of self-illumination, through the inner communication with our soul is vital to be able to retrieve the wisdom, strength, and clarity required for our personal journey. Pisces together with the Sun in Virgo reminds us of the importance of service, which is often misunderstood as self-sacrifice.

Service begins by taking care of ourselves and our bodies, so we can give from a replenished and loving state of being. This is precisely what the energies from this passage, coming from the sixth and twelfth houses remind us to focus on our health, restoring all of our bodies, completely, so we can prepare for the next season. 

The twelfth house with Piscean energies invites us to tune into our soul, so we can scan our bodies, and find what needs to be healed and cleared, through inner guidance, for the invisible world within us, is what governs our thoughts, emotions and all that is physical. Therefore, all changes must be done through deep interaction with our God Self, otherwise, they will not be coming from an authentic source. 

One of the lessons that Pisces offers us is the ultimate transcendence, a message reinforced by this Blue Moon, happening at 7 degrees of Pisces. Seventh is the number of initiations that we have to pass before we can ascend. A number that also represents all the old mental and physical programming/implants that we used to hold within, and that with these Piscean energies, we can now remove.

Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, and it is with this sign that we integrate all the lessons required to embody a higher level of awareness that allows us to see the Truth, instead of the old illusion in which we were immersed. It is with Pisces that we are ready to see all of our journey, throughout the entire zodiac signs, keeping what serves our journey and moving forward into the next phase that will too help our growth.

During this moon, Guides share the importance of working with the 3D implant - an inorganic 3D cord born out of our navel - that impedes us from seeing the truth and that we all are born with simply because we have incarnated into a 3D world. This cord inorganic cord is attached to our mental body and hence, the solar plexus, keeping us connected to the matrix. It is like a false energetic silver cord. This is one of the main things that impedes us from ascending into the Divine Planes, linking us to the 4D astral plane. 

We can align with these energies to remove this implant that impedes us from ascending when we leave this plane, and that is what connects us to the false white light that the majority see when they leave this plane. This is a trap. As we regain our soul memories and higher levels of consciousness, reaching the last sign, we too are able to remove all false ascension timeliness and their corresponding implants, so when the time for us to leave this earth plane comes, we can freely choose our next destination. 

This is why working with our body, at all levels, is so important, as it is when we heal this implant, reconnect and heal the light body, open our soul portal, and align to God's Source, that ascension truly begins, for we are now aware of our freedom as divine sovereign beings, and consequently our right to choose where to go next. 

The so-called Blue Moon, named as such due to the extra moon of this month, is also an opportunity for us to balance the ego, listen to our soul, and heal the wounds that are still hurting us emotionally, mentally, and physically, for in the end, all descends into our bodies.

Healing, forgiving, working on compassion, and restoration are key at the end of this month, especially by having Neptune and Saturn in Pisces too, for this is where we revise our journey, understand our unconscious acts, dissolve them through forgiveness, work on soul retrieval, and begin to restore ourselves, and all of our physical and non-physical bodies, completely.

Opening our hearts and creating healthy boundaries is what makes us stronger, not closing them to keep the pain away. This foments the illusion of separation, creating more sadness, and hence soul splitting, which diminishes our life force, affects the mitochondria, and impedes us from living as powerful and sovereign beings.

This is a time of change for All. Change in ourselves, in the planet, and for all who are ready to let go, flow, and adapt to it. It is painful for the ego to let go and be in constant flow with the new. However, wanting to remain the same was never our true nature, and it is now that we are learning how to come back to our organic state of being. 

Periods of resting, of communion, like this one, are a blessing to help us revise, discern, and rewrite our personal stories, for we are the only creators and directors of our own life experiences.

An extra moon, and healing frequency, given to us to heal what has been distorted, and disconnected, remembering how to regain our natural connection to our Illumined Selves, for it is by creating this conscious link that we can embrace more love, wisdom, and power.

I wish you a healing and loving passage, Beloved Ones.

May you always remain One with your God Illumined Self.

Within Infinite Love,

Natalia Alba 

miércoles, 12 de abril de 2023

New Moon/Solar Hybrid Eclipse in Aries, April 20th, 2023 - Cosmic Retrieval

Beloved Ones, 

At this stage of our ascension journey, when many are beginning to awaken their cosmic DNA, we are being assisted in this process by a rare hybrid Solar eclipse/New Moon at 29 degrees Aries, the so-called fate or anaretic degree, taking place seven times every century, and that square Pluto. A degree that represents the transformation that we are just beginning to experience, on both a global and a personal level. 

This is just another human interpretation of the process that we are undergoing, the end of a cycle, and the need for us to liberate ourselves from half-truths, beginning to act within integrity, and hence, authenticity, as the only way to build a new harmonic world.

A hybrid eclipse that starts by being an annular eclipse and then as the shadow takes possession of the Moon, it shifts into a total eclipse, for a few minutes, returning later to an annular one. Therefore, as its hybrid nature indicates, we will see both a total and an annular eclipse in our Heavens. 

In a more general perspective, for we are all in different phases, this Aries eclipse is going to assist ones who are ready to finally express their hearts, be brave to embrace their inner masters, become the leaders that they came to be, and assist others to become sovereign beings. It is a passage for us to create, rebirth from the shadows that we have already faced and integrated, and begin to align with the new earth's energies to birth something new, something that will benefit the whole, for this is after all the purpose of hybrids, to create from two benevolent essences, a more illumined one. 

It is also a time to end all karmic patterns, agreements, and soul contracts, as this is how we retrieve our cosmic heritage. This is the void between Pisces and Aries where we finally learn the lessons we experienced throughout the zodiac wheel and regain consciousness of who we are, and what we are here to offer to All. A time for illumination through the mastery of the self. 

This eclipse will be a catalyst for us to expand in courage, strength, and above all, determination to leave aside an old reality and cross the doors to our new dimensional space. A space that we create with our inner frequency, as it will be the one determining where we go next. A space that we consciously choose with every thought, feeling, and action, for it is not about a physical location as many believe, but about our inner frequency that manifests the outer.

If we continue dwelling in our past through repetitive memories and feelings, we cannot step into a new timeline, as vibrationally, we are attached to the one we constantly recreate from within. Once we understand that we are sovereign beings choosing, at every single second, who we are, what we create next, and with whom, we finally regain the freedom required for us to begin this liberating process.

This eclipse will bring many the unique opportunity with its special essence, to heal hybridization memories and physical implants, as well as others who are awakening their cosmic hybrid nature. Hybrids are not just a mix between animals and humans, or for any other non-benevolent purpose. A hybrid is the mix of two different species, being these species from benevolent cosmic races, as for example Essassanis, the mix between humans and Zetas. As always, it is our intention that creates the result.

Guides share the importance of learning our cosmic lineage and heritage, at that stage of our ascension journey, for it is pivotal to clear and remove all physical and non-physical distortions before we can embody our true lineage. There are many awakening to their hybrids, benevolent lineage, through the conscious light body and DNA reconnection work. A cosmic awakening, and retrieval, that begins by first healing what is not us to carry, the many inherited genetic patterns and implanted ones, so we can free ourselves and our bodies, and begin the process of rehabilitation. 

Guides share the importance during this eclipse, and onwards, as its energies will remain for months, for us to stabilize our heart center, calling upon the Emerald Ray to assist us in this purpose, as well as in anchoring more love on earth, together with an emerald crystal, or the personal crystal that you are guided, as this is a universal one given to All, for us to bring more harmony, love, and compassion. 

A very important period as well for stabilizers, and the ones who are here on a mission to restore the Earth's time fabrics, for the restoration of the distorted 3D time, is finally beginning, so we can, gradually, regain and move into a universal timeline, as it is meant to be within Creation. 

On the same day of the eclipse, we too have the Sun moving into the earthly sign of Taurus, a complementary energy to the eclipse, as it will help us anchor all we have previously envisioned, healed, and manifested.  Taurus offers us the gift to be grounded, creating our Heaven on Earth, connecting with nature, honoring our physical realm, and enjoying who we are and our creations. This is a very uplifting frequency for us to ground all the wisdom we have received, as well as all the soul's directions for our unique mission, as this is precisely the purpose of all the work we do, to anchor all in the physical. 

Taurus will start opening the energetic gates for us to begin manifesting our desires in the physical. With Taurus comes our second initiation into a deeper knowledge of how to manifest our desires from an energetic Plane into our dense world, teaching us our next lesson within the wheel of life, which is to master ourselves in the endless art of bringing things from our inner world into our human one.

We are witnessing one of the most important events of all the year, together with the previous alignments in March, which triggered the current planetary, and personal, transformation that many are now experiencing. A transfiguration that involves the conscious choice of disengaging from old beliefs, and habits that impede us to be fully aligned with who we are, for the time for us to express our personal truth, expand our hearts and seed our love, is Now, not in a future earth, but Now, for there are many who need of our sharings and help to be able to continue in their evolutionary journey.

As ascending souls, when we remember, there are no more excuses, for know that we are not here to please the self but to help the whole evolve. When we awake to this truth, everything begins to shift within ourselves, and in our life experience, for our soul knows that we are ready to begin the mission.

At this time, many things, people, and situations that you considered vital in your life, may be removed. See all that happens as a miracle, as a gift for you and them, to help you all evolve, and step into a more illumined state of being, for even though we may not know the entire plan, all is heading always in the best direction for All involved.

Do not fight, do not resist. Surrender to what IS, allow, for all that will come to you will show you the magnificence of your being, and the important mission that you are here to fulfill.

Be strong to accept your unique and precious role within Creation, Beloveds.

Within Infinite  Love,

Natalia Alba

lunes, 27 de febrero de 2023

The Energies of March 2023 - Planetary Sovereignty

Beloved Ones,

We are entering into one of the most intense and important months of this year 2023. March ruled by Piscean energies is going to signify the threshold for many who are still oscillating between two timeliness, and need to heal and clear old baggage, before they can step into a more harmonic space. Saturn moving into Pisces will help us take responsibility for everything that we have created, until this moment, as we cannot evolve if first, we do not revise all we have experienced and take full responsibility for it.

This is a month for us to begin understanding what becoming sovereign beings truly means. Saturn in Pisces will signify a tremendous impact for those who are beginning to master responsibility, for it is going to show us the areas of our lives where we are not yet in charge, for as humans we tend to blame the circumstances or others for what occurs to us. 

We are ending a cycle, as this month clearly reminds us, and we are receiving all the necessary assistance for us to realize what needs to be changed, transformed, or removed from ourselves and our personal reality, so we can finally accommodate the new frequency that we are gradually integrating. 

March is a tenth universal month, 1 reduced. A number that indicates endings and beginnings, and that perfectly represents what is taking place during March, the completion of a cycle on both a personal and a planetary level, for the collective is finally taking responsibility, for their own lives, moving into a totally new Era, starting a sovereign and empowered cycle. We are under a portal in which everything that is opposite in frequency is immediately split, for both cannot coexist.

We cannot hold on to an old memory and live in the Now. We cannot want to ascend and move into a harmonic timeline, by keeping in our emotional and mental bodies the same beliefs and habits from our past, for we cannot move on from where we are. This is what March will show us, where we are and what we need to remove to get to where we wish to be. 

Number 1 is another reminder, together with Pisces, that we are ending/beginning a cycle, and it is pivotal for us to end with all that used to limit us, as we keep expanding within the new worlds that we are now bringing into form. 

We are still immersed in a massive transition, and as we reach the shore of our new destination, our main aim is to keep dissolving the lower layers of an old self, as well as learning how to navigate through a passage that is revealing to us, and that will continue showing us more truths as we grow and integrate higher levels of consciousness. 

Number 1 in tarot, is represented by the Magician, one hand pointing to the sky and the other one towards the earth. This archetype represents very well where we are, for He knows how to work with the Universal Laws, as He has mastered the art of descending into the physical what is first created in the ethereal. This is where we are - birthing our deepest soul desires - by mastering our personal energy, how we work with it, and how we can use it to have a benevolent impact on All. 

We all are magicians as we all have the power to manifest the outcomes that are aligned with our Highest Will, we just have to focus our precious energy on what is truly important, as it is not a time now to waste our personal power on delusions and past situations, but in the new life experiences that we are building and that has nothing to do with who we used to be.

This is a month for us to focus on self-healing, clearing, and expansion, depending on where we are. A month for us to become neutral witnesses of all that we cannot change, but that we can lovingly affect by holding unconditional love for All. A month for us to move away from separation, so we can finally begin to co-create within Divine Love, Unity, and Harmony. 

Astrological Alignments

We now initiate a new journey of conscious co-creation that will lead us to another initiation in our ascension path, for it is with March that many will begin to awake while others will finally complete a cycle, beginning another one of conscious evolution. We begin March by having Mercury, the Planet of Communication entering into Pisces on the 2nd of the month. Mercury in Pisces is indeed a perfect frequency for those who are working on awakening/expanding their higher senses - retrieving wisdom whether by working on past life activation or simply by the unique way they have chosen their gifts. 

For the ones who have already awakened their abilities or some of them, they could receive creative visions, dreams, or the transmissions they need at this time from the Illumined Realms, in the unique form they receive guidance, and help them in their ascension path as well as to assist others. 

Mercury in Pisces takes communication further than just in our earthly plane, and it is a good time for us to commune, in this Piscean season, with the non-physical aspects of ourselves, for even though those we consider our Guides, are often future/parallel selves of us.

On the 7th of March, we have two important events, a Full Moon at 16 degrees Virgo, together with Saturn entering into Pisces. The second event especially will mark the end and beginning of a new cycle, one in which we are the only authority in our lives, for there is no more excuses not to take full charge of who we are, what we create, as well as our lives. 

Virgo and Pisces are very similar in nature, as both signs are about harmony, peace, unconditional love, and above all, service to All. This is precisely what we all in this conscious path are heading into: a conscious way of living that includes not just ourselves but others, as a part of who we are. We are invited to make our lives a living prayer, and that everything that we create will be with the pure intention to serve All Creation, for this is why in truth, we came to this plane, to remember who we are, and to serve others. 

For those who are working in clearing, whether a physical, mental, or emotional one, this is a perfect time for us to detox, and through natural remedies or what we are guided, begin a period of profound cleansing and rejuvenation as Virgo especially reminds us. 

The second and most important event of this month, and year as well, Saturn in Pisces is going to influence us, so to speak, until February 14, 2026. The last time that we had Saturn in Pisces was between May 1993 and April 1996. This is going to be of great importance as it represents the end of a planetary cycle, as well as a personal one, especially for the ones who are having their Saturn's return, whose dates are: from 1935 to 1938, your Saturn return, if you are born between 1964 and 1967 your second Saturn return, and finally your first return if you are born between 1993 to 1996.

As this is one of the most important events that we are going to have this year, together with Pluto in Aquarius too, in this same month, I will enter deeper into it as the month progresses, for it is vital to share about this alignment in detail. 

The next and most important planetary event is on March 12th, with Jupiter conjunct Chiron. This is going to help us grow and heal massively, at a time when we need to take responsibility for everything we have created, felt, thought, and experienced, for all begins with a thought, starting to live now from a healed and whole space, rather from a still fragmented one, which is what also brings the same old results. 

On March 16th we have loving Venus entering into Taurus. The Planet of Love and Abundance in Taurus is going to be focused on the things we most value in the physical: our relationships and friendships, our creative essence, and everything that involves bringing all the love we have within into our tangible plane. As with everything, if we distort this essence, we can fall into the egoic trap of being possessive of material things and/or people in our lives.

This is why creating a balance and practicing not getting attached to anything or anyone is pivotal when we have the Planet of Love and Abundance in Taurus. It is always an opportunity for us to begin understanding that in truth we possess nothing and that authentic love is about letting all free and simply focusing on enjoying the co-creation until it is meant to come to an end.

A few days later on March 19th, Mercury enters Aries. This is about focusing on the power of our word and personal beliefs. How we communicate with the world, and with ourselves, remembering that there is always a further communication that goes beyond the physical one, as we can all connect through the power of our hearts, for we dwell in many invisible dimensions, where communication is done through the heart and mind.

On this same day, we too have Jupiter semi-sextile Uranus. In a month of many changes, for the entire month of March is a massive shift, we have Jupiter the planet of expansion, and Uranus, the Planet of Change and Transformations, helping us achieve first a higher state of being, for all physical transformations come from this first one, and secondly, the complete reorganization of our lives, for we are heading into a totally new way of being, doing things and co-creating with others. 

For some, this will be a time of great changes. However, others will be already immersed in them or already beginning a cycle and stabilizing their new lives. It is not about a fixed date that brings change or the planetary events included in it, but about what we, as souls, planned or choose now to do, with where we are now, what creates this change, as the energies simply help us in whatever we are experiencing.

On March 20, we pass from Pisces to having the Sun in Aries together with the Equinox, when the energies will reach their maximum apogee. It is with Aries that we start again into this endless wheel of life. We pass from Pisces, the ultimate evolution, where we finally acknowledge All as One, to Aries, where we begin to know the self, working with it until we can regain a sense of others. 

Leadership and self-empowerment are key to this sign. However, with Aries also comes the gift to burn all that is not serving us. We have with the element of Fire another opportunity to help us bring more transformation and purification to ourselves and our lives. 

On the next day, we have two important events just with the Equinox, Jupiter semi-square Saturn, which represents the challenges - opportunities - that many are experiencing to remember who they are, to heal, to re-discover the Truth, and to stand tall in who they are and personal truth.

Secondly a New Moon in Aries, which will be the one that triggers the change that we will pass to anchor in the following months, for when we talk about change it is not an immediate outcome, but something we begin to create from the inside, through healing and through the embodiment of higher levels of love-consciousness - until we can finally anchor it in our bodies and physical realm. It is an entire and long-term process to be able to achieve a new personal goal, state of being, or anything we desire to manifest, transform or remove.  

From March 23, 2023, to June 11, 2023, Pluto enters Aquarius, just with a few key retrogrades back into Capricorn, which is the next, after Saturn in Pisces, the most important event of this month and year. Its uninterrupted 20-year journey through Aquarius will begin on January 21, 2024. This will be just a notion of what we will be experiencing since 2024. Pluto, as you know, it is a planetary Force that will help us retrieve our personal power, both in the collective and at a personal level, beginning a journey of conscious creation. 

Finally, we end March with Mars entering Cancer on March 25th. The Warrior Mars in loving Cancer will teach us to be merciful and to be compassionate towards others, for we are all here to learn, in our unique way and time, unconditional love and the true nature of our Essence. This is an opportunity for us to direct all of our energy and power into becoming the most powerful Force in the Universe: Love.

This is also a good time to heal genetic ties, distortions, and DNA manipulations, directing our inner force ad strength to finally remove the many genetic cages that are still imprisoning us from experiencing our true potential. 

With March comes awareness, the Great Shift for All who are willing to step on it, and the opportunity to look at our fears face to face, being courageous to disengage from what we thought to be true, and we know now was an illusion.

It is with March that we are assisted by all benevolent Forces within Creation to heal, transform, and rebirth as the lovelight beings that we are, that we always were, and that we are here to shine, serving All who like us once, are lost in their shadows, for this is the ultimate lesson for all of us, to remember unity, through conscious assistance.

We have ahead a wonderful month with powerful healing energies, it is our personal choice how we choose to co-create with them, for we all are free to decide what to do with our Presence here.

May your Presence on Earth be a blessing to All, Beloveds.

Have a miraculous March!

Within Infinite Love,

Natalia Alba