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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance with you Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, transcending matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

I AM a free sovereign being in an path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a free sovereign being expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience, the Source of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You

sábado, 25 de mayo de 2024

Mental Body Clearing, May 25th, 2024

Beloved Ones,

As we continue embodying our female and masculine principles, opening our shoulder portals, reconnecting ourselves to our angelic essence, healing our energetic body, and helping our planet in the same process, we release eons of distortions and soul disconnection. These processes involve physical sensations that are not easy to deal with. However, this is - the majority of the time - a physical sign that we are removing false beliefs, implants, imprints, and many other memories from our light bodies.

Many of you are now becoming energetic self-sustained beings, which is how my Guides define sovereign beings, in their own language. This means to heal, clear, and retrieve your authentic coding and soul memories, freeing yourselves from mental slavery and other outer influences, to become the only authority in your life. 

Implants are just a label to define non-benevolent light technology that is created to distort our biological functions. Many of us at some point have had implants, simply because of the 3D plane we chose to live in. 

Implants in the energetic and light bodies cause similar sensations to ascension symptoms. Implants function in a very similar way to the chemicals some put into their bodies. Eating our life force, causes imbalances in mitochondria, and above all, in our immune system and digestive one. 

Implants cause energetic imbalances, mental and solar plexus distortions, and beyond everything the blockage of our intuitive senses. When we have inorganic substances or implants, that function very similarly, our bodies recognize it is not natural, and they react by creating a massive immune system response, to an outer influence they cannot fight with.

As a result of all these imbalances, our adrenal and immune systems try to fight outer agents resulting in the collapsing of our bodies, and causing many sensations and soul disconnection, which is the main purpose of implants and similar energetic devices, so to speak, to cause soul disconnection.

The nervous system is equally affected, creating feelings of stress and anxiety that may seem as if they were ascension symptoms, but are in truth caused by the energetic imbalances we hold. This is why knowing our bodies,  working with ourselves the best we can, and asking our God Self and Guides for authentic information,  is so important, especially if we have a blockage not yet healed that impedes us from fully receiving guidance. 

An Anti-candida diet, low in sugar, helps resolve body inflammation caused by these imbalances. Gentle detox as extreme detox weakens the body and the immune system, is also beneficial to combat outer agents. Sound therapy to aid in cellular healing is also of great support when we are removing these influences. 

To reconnect ourselves to our soul, removing implants, and physical clearing is vital, for this together with mental and DNA reprogramming is what removes the many imbalances whether implants or not we may have.

Clearing our mental bodies and minds as both are not the same, is vital to think and feel freely, without any manipulation that distorts our view of who we are and where we are living. The more we live within divine love, and respect towards ourselves and others, the more connection we regain.

Our mental bodies are the most damaged ones, as they are constantly bombarded with many different tactics from society to continue being repressed and drained. However, many of you are already disengaging from old habits, and ways of thinking, seeing your beauty, power, and precious gifts, stepping into a more sovereign space.

This month is a blessed one in terms of healing, especially with the energies that are just arriving, to help us clear our mental body, which as you know is linked to our ego and solar plexus. Gemini and especially Jupiter now are wonderful to precisely clear mental imbalances.

We have Jupiter very active at the end of May. Jupiter is a great amplifier of energies and healer force. Jupiter is now precisely in Gemini together with Jupiter Sextile Neptune on May 23. Both are great allies to assist us in clearing our mental bodies, balancing our ego, and opening our minds to new horizons, for it is linearity and rigidity of the mind that causes delusions and soul fragmentation.

We also just had Jupiter semi-square True Node, which pushes us into the future timeliness that we are aligning with. It is an invitation to focus on what we are creating, not on what we left behind, for when we move our consciousness to the past, we recreate old outcomes and encounters we no longer are meant to fulfill or relive, falling into a void in between past-future timelines hard to exit. 

Furthermore, on May 28th, we have Jupiter quintile Saturn, reminding us of the importance of faith, devotion, and commitment to our personal choice of being in this ascension path. It is a force that helps us be determined to work on ourselves and our lives, as the only way to achieve desired results. 

We are traversing a year as never before in our ascension path. We are surrounded by many cosmic allies, whether planetary energies, benevolent beings, or other stellar forces to help us in our choice of conscious evolution.

Evolution comes with a high price in terms of inner work, for it is challenging to leave old layers behind, people, and places and step into a whole new way of being and living. However it also comes with many blessings when we finally realign, remember who we are, and retrieve our soul memories. 

It is then that everything starts shifting within and without, for we now walk as integrated beings, and therefore everything that surrounds us reflects the same integrity and balance.

May you always remain in the love, joy, and benevolence of your Heart. 

Within Infinite Love,

Natalia Alba 

viernes, 24 de mayo de 2024

Planetary Rehabilitation Update, May 24th, 2024

Beloved Ones, 

There are times when the power of many as One is required for us to create a significant change during this planetary rehabilitation period. We are not traversing one of these times, especially this year, in which we are immersed in a constant personal and planetary recalibration and rehabilitation of our template.

The current energies are destined to assist us not just on an individual level, but on the planetary reclamation occurring in many of Earth's grids and locations. Many of you are now experiencing both personal integration and soul mission upgrades, stepping into further stages of it to support the planetary reconnection that is too taking place, for as it is within, it is without. 

Each of you with a unique blueprint, light seed, and soul coordinates to assist in the assigned location. Each of you with a unique coding that generates healing, clearing, stabilization, anchoring, or transmutation where you are meant to be of service, for it is time for you to anchor the knowledge and healing blessings that you came to plant into this earth.

There are many of you with different planetary roles assisting at this time in retrieving our planetary essence. 

• Space clearing is of utmost importance at this time. There are certain physical locations on the Planet, as you well know, which are not yet pure enough to anchor a higher frequency, this is where these souls focus their Light to bring transformation and cleansing into these places.

• Guardians of Consciousness. These are souls - sentinels - in charge of protecting our consciousness as well as our planetary one, from any negative intrusions.

• Time gatekeepers: their mission, as you know, is one to work on the earth's fabrics of time and space, aligning the fabrics with the cosmic - simultaneous - timeline, so to speak.

• Raising the frequency of a certain area: This occurs when the physical space has suffered past or recent painful situations, such as attacks, wars, or simply concentrated negative energy, and it is required to clear this space. It also occurs in big cities.

• Stabilizers: In charge of stabilizing the energies we previously anchor, earth's grids, and fabrics of time and space. 

• Planetary karmic clearing. A mission fulfilled by the violet ray keepers in its majority.

• Cellular/collective planetary memory healing. This is one of the tasks that the souls who belong to the Blue Ray perform, although it is not necessary to belong to this group of souls. Blue Rays which are also polarity unifiers. 

Our planet finds itself immersed in a constant retrieval of its original earth's gates and fabrics, and for those of you who are now experiencing the deep impact of the current energies, dealing with your planetary mission is an arduous process. This is why periods of deep soul communion, recalibration, and clearing are so important to stabilize ourselves and continue with our personal and global mission. 

The Sol-AR transmissions, together with the assistance of all of you, in your unique way, are helping in the liberation of the Solar Earth's gates, especially the 4th portal, situated in Egypt (Giza), and the Solar 10th-dimensional portal in Iran, which continues to be rehabilitated. 

Divine masculine retrieval, astral liberation, and soul reconnection are not only taking place within us but in our planet, where we are now witnessing what this current liberation provokes, in many regions. 

These are locations that as you know were deeply manipulated since the Sumerian-Egyptian times, and are now being reclaimed, energetically and ethereally speaking, for the structure behind the pyramids is of great highly evolved technology, and it is connected to our Sol star portal, which as you know our Sol is a portal who can be traversed by those with the technology to do so.

Many of you, especially those born under the Ruby, Golden, and Blue Rays, will feel called to assist remotely, physically, or in your unique way, to retrieve its organic timeliness and its original connections, as it was meant to connect to Sirius and Andromedan portal.

Our main task is not to judge or decay with what we see behind the physical scenes, but to continue acting as love pillars where required, for the soul knows where we are being sent, and why. Our mission is to follow our God's Will and Her Designs.

This time we are living is unique, wonderful, and a blessing. For we are for the first time opening to who we truly are, as well as our planet. 

The more we literally unplug from distractions, the more soul-connected we will be. We all can be connected and receive guidance from our souls. We just have to be willing to clear delusions, and pain, and do all the inner work it takes, for ascension is about daily dedication, to achieve this inner state of being.

You all are wondrous creators, master healers, and everything you see in others. Move within to remember, for your wisdom, mission, and soul memories are waiting for you to activate them.

May you have the courage to know yourself and your unique soul role, Beloveds.

Thank you for your Presence and loving assistance to All.

Within Infinite Love,

Natalia Alba