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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance with you Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, transcending matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

I AM a free sovereign being in an path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a free sovereign being expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience, the Source of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You

martes, 26 de septiembre de 2023

The Energies of October 2023 ~ Complete Surrender

Beloved Ones,

We are in the final stage of this year of wisdom integration and soul realignment. September, a  culmination of this seventh universal year, is a month that invited us to heal and create more harmony, preparing ourselves for October, and the many changes that are around the corner. As always, there is a time for everything within creation, and during this month we had the opportunity to evaluate and discern our personal journey, where we are, and where we are heading, so we can now start anew, if this is our main purpose, at this time.

Changes that need to be balanced, as Libra asks us if we desire to manifest aligned outcomes. Both different energies will collide to help us achieve a perfect equilibrium between acting and continuing to be balanced and grounded, as it is pivotal for us to continue integrating, without falling imbalance. Balance is key while we navigate through change, not to lose ourselves in delusions or in the emotional turmoil that we often experience. 

We end September with a Moon in Aries, that reminds us of the power of action, after a period of realignment and rejuvenation. We start now a new phase of conscious creation and transformation, in which taking action towards our desires is key. Aries introduces us to October's essence, one of change, and manifestation, reminding us of the power of creation that we all hold within, and that we often search outside. 

The power from this Aries Moon comes from Venus, ruler of Libra, squaring Uranus, and Mars, ruler of Aries, quincunx Uranus. These energies are a clear invitation for us to commit to our goals and evolutionary path, using our inner power to conquer our fears, through conscious action, as desires without action become a delusion, as it impedes us to ground ourselves and desires, in the physical. An invitation that will extend to October and that involves standing tall in who we are, creating a life that reflects our inner empowered state of being. 

As we step into October, an eight universal month, we will have the feeling of completion and new beginnings, as a result of all the inner work achieved during these past months. This is a month for us to embrace the cosmic void in which many are immersed, understanding that for us to create a new beginning, many things need to be transformed. October especially with the coming of the eclipses, will present us with very powerful energies to work on balance, amplification, creation, and above all, change.

This month's eight universal essence is also a very abundant and loving one. It represents what is lasting, and therefore what always remains in balance, in constant flow and communication with All. This is what we are invited to create within ourselves, so our outer reality reflects the same infinite possibilities that are in our soul's realm. 

Number 8 is infinite, where endings and new beginnings are intertwined. This is where many are at the moment, in a void where they commune with their soul to obtain more wisdom, before stepping into the unknown, for in our new harmonic timeline, the only way forward is to follow our own soul's compass. 

A number that too represents the balance achieved, and the profundity of Scorpion, that will be present at the end of the month. Number eight also represents the Monad, and it is the beginning of building the connection to their Illumined Selves, something that we will be working too during 2024, as it is also an eight-universal year. 

Guides share the importance of working on Self-discipline during October, as one of the most important tools for us to master ourselves, if we desire to continue evolving. Being disciplined is important to keep us focused on what is truly important - healing, unity, and wisdom embodiment. 

Being self-discipline involves doing our ascension practices, even though we may not see fast results, for this journey is not about results, but about becoming healed and whole again, so we can remember who we are, and act accordingly, as sovereign free beings in charge of our life experience.

This is something that only through constancy and devotion can be accomplished. During October, many of us are going to be fully immersed in many important changes. Changes that affect our body like never before in our ascension path. Changes that involve the creation of a totally different life experience, and without self-discipline, and complete surrender to the changes that we have created ourselves, will fall apart.

Guides also emphasize the importance of adapting to change, by flowing with what is taking place, rather than trying to control the universal tides, for we can never understand the complexity of God's creation plan behind every person and situation. 

The human delusion of control starts vanishing when we realize that we can only control our own thoughts, and actions, allowing others to manifest themselves as they are, as well as personal creations. When we surrender and move towards the universal stream, even though we may feel like navigating the unknown, we are allowing our soul to guide us, leading us towards our next destination, in perfect co-creation with All.

October is a month to practice unconditional surrender, for it is only under this peaceful, and trustful state of being, that we can move into a more harmonic space, manifesting only that which serves our highest good and that of All.

Astrological Events

October is one of the busiest months of the year. We begin the month by having Mercury moving into the sign of Libra on October 4th. Mercury in Libra emphasizes the essence of October, as it is about bringing balance into our mental plane, as balance begins by holding the mental equilibrium and clarity required for us to make the necessary changes that we wish to create in our life experience.

On October 8th, Venus enters Virgo. Venus is the feminine aspect of us who creates from the womb and who gives birth within Divine love and compassion. This is wonderful energy for those who are beginning to make their passion their living as well. 

Venus, the Planet of Love and Abundance in Virgo is going to teach us how to anchor all we desire to create, in the tangible, in a way that serves others, not just ourselves. This is about grounding our soul desires and goals in a way that we too nurture ourselves in the physical, at the same time that we are in service. This is what we came here to practice - being ourselves in a way that also contributes All. 

Two days later, on October 10th, Pluto will turn direct again, for those who resonate with retrograde phases. Pluto, represents at this time the renewal, awakening, and rebirth that many are experiencing in many different ways. Some are beginning to awaken to their true nature, remembering, and stepping into a more authentic path. 

Others are embodying a more illumined aspect of themselves, leaving behind more old egoic layers, regenerating, rebirthing, and becoming more whole. This is a time when many of us will experience inner catharsis, in some way or another, for our entire body, life, is shifting, as we continually choose to be part of this transition. 

On October 12th, Mars enters Scorpio. The Planet of action, determination, and courage dwelling in the Water sign of Scorpio, invites us to dive deep into our emotions, for many are experiencing an emotional clearing as well, healing all that no longer serves our journey, and bringing our visions on the surface, using our inner fire to go after our desires, for it is time for us to fulfill our inspirations and goals in the physical. Both forces perfectly combined to help us understand that despite their different nature, they can come together to trigger a positive transformation. 

As during October almost every two days we have a powerful event in our heavens, as it is a very busy month, on October 14th, we too have the first eclipse of this month, a New Moon Solar Eclipse (Annular) at 21 degrees Libra. This is the culmination of Libra energies. The second eclipse along the Aries-Libra Axis this year, since April 20th, 2023, and that will last until March 2025. 

A stabilizing and harmonic frequency that began last month and that still reigns, allowing us to end a cycle of conscious purification and harmonization, to begin a new one of intentional creation, as this is a time to act on our desires, whether it is to heal or clear an aspect of ourselves or to create on a physical level. 

All invites us during this month to continue stabilizing ourselves, but now more than in a passive, feminine, way, to a more masculine one, beginning to move from within to without. This is an energy that asks us to move forward, to commit to our goals, and as Guides previously shared, to be self-disciplined in whatever we wish to attain, for it is only through our daily dedication to that which we wish to build, that we can obtain the desired outcomes. 

For those who are experiencing challenges in their relationships, this is also a major passage for working on balanced and equal relationships. This is something that starts from within, by unifying what fragments us and by becoming open to learning from each of our soul encounters, balancing our ego self, and using compassionate witnessing as the best tool for us to realize what should be changed in ourselves, and our relationships. 

Discernment is key during this passage, focusing on our micro personal cycles, guidance, and where we are and want to be, in our ascension path. This is what will let us know what we need to work with or expand, at this time, as even though the eclipse may have a universal meaning, it will be very unique for each and every one of us. Looking at your chart to see where it resides is also useful, as often it will indicate the area of yourself or life that needs more work or support, at this time. 

On October 16 Jupiter quintile Saturn. This represents very well where we are, the energies of the moment, a mix between action and balance, which is also set by the Aries-Libra eclipses. This indicates a time for a change, and hence expansion, although with the discernment and equilibrium required not to act impulsively. This is a very visionary time, if we focus our creative force in a balanced and grounded way. 

From this day until October 19, we too have our sun aligning with Arcturus. This will signify a powerful healing portal for all who need to work on etheric surgery or mental clearing, for they are wonderful healers to help us achieve balance in all aspects of our non-physical bodies, reaching dimensions that we still cannot, from our human consciousness. 

A few days later, on October 22ndwe have Mercury entering into Scorpio. This is the macro representation of the profound planetary mental shift that is already taking place, and that we all are seeing from our unique perspectives. At a global level, a lot of change is happening, especially at that precise time of profound planetary transformation. 

On a personal level, this is not just about experiencing the change that comes from outside but the one that we can create in our mental plane if we desire that our physical reality change, as everything originates first from what we create in our minds. 

Mercury in Scorpio invites us to go deeper into our old ways of thinking, clearing all distorted and fake beliefs and searching for the truth that lies behind a situation and a thought pattern. It is important that we clear our mental plane from time to time, or we will fall into the trap of believing that all we think to be true is direct guidance when it is often the result of perpetual negative thinking or a delusional one. 

A time for us to allow our emotions to emerge, for they are our best teachers, learning how to express all we feel constructively, for this is also a wonderful healing tool. Often the majority of our programs are due to negative self-talk or other unconscious beliefs that impede us from seeing the truth of who we are and reality. This is why it is so important to express ourselves, as it is when we see what is keeping us from embracing healing, change, or what we need at the moment. 

On October 23 the Sun enters Scorpio, a Water sign, that invites us to navigate through our inner realms to illuminate those dark corners through the wisdom we have regained during all this time, embracing as well the "dark" aspects that are also a part of who we are and Creation - that makes us whole and One with All. 

A time to look within to receive all the revelations that these last months bring to us, as the last part of this year, will show us where we are going, as well as new ways of being of assistance, which is of great importance to change direction if the timeline we have chosen no longer resonates with our true destination. 

Lastly, we end the month with the second eclipse, on October 28, a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 5 degrees Taurus. The last one happening along the Taurus-Scorpio axis. This is a time for us to ground ourselves, and our creations, for we have been previously creating the balance, the strong foundations for our dreams to thrive. 

This is a reminder for us to focus on our earthly plane, without forgetting the importance of soul communion, as Scorpio reminds us. Both are equally important, to hold balance within and in our lives. It is a passage for us to support our bodies, bringing attention to all that sustains us as well, for it is an extension of who we are, and often it is precisely what reminds us if we are balanced or if we are still experiencing some separation, as everything we see in our lives, comes from within.

The moon will oppose Mercury, while Mars will conjunct with Jupiter and Uranus. This is a very powerful combination of personal growth, expansion, and creation. The balance is set by the sextile with Saturn, which will help us to allow, through unconditional surrender, all the blessings that are already in our life experience, and that we often miss, due to our expectation of how we and our lives should be.

If we detach from our egoic view of how we and things should be, and embrace all as it Is, we will begin to find a blessing in every single aspect of our lives, for we are now aligned with our soul, rather than with the ego and its constant need for control. 

The eclipses are a source of healing, power, and expansion if we have done the previous inner work to integrate these energies, learning how to direct them properly. For some, it will be the end, while for others it will be the beginning of a new journey.

All is always heading in the right direction for us, evolutionary speaking, even though we cannot see the bigger picture yet. 

Our thoughts, feelings, and acts determine where we are going, as nothing from the outer can create for us, for it is Law that only we can determine our personal destiny.

These last months are decisive for us to detour from our original timeline or maintain ourselves in it, as it is in this cosmic space that we are now immersed that we will create the next phase of our journey. 

May you create from a conscious and loving space towards yourself and All.

Have a wonderful October, Beloved Ones!

Within Infinite Love,

Natalia Alba

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