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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance with you Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, transcending matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

I AM a free sovereign being in an path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a free sovereign being expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience, the Source of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You
Mostrando entradas con la etiqueta peace. Mostrar todas las entradas
Mostrando entradas con la etiqueta peace. Mostrar todas las entradas

sábado, 29 de junio de 2024

The Energies of July 2024 ~ Integrating Change

Beloved Ones,

July is another harmonic and loving month, asking us for retrieval, rejuvenation, and stabilization. This is a month to continue integrating change, after the profound transformation experienced during the previous months. A month to process all the energies and allow our bodies the time to adjust to our new frequency.

Integration occurs when we surrender and allow it. Allow all that needs to surface for us to heal or clear, flowing with change organically, so we allow the new energies in.

We are heading the 77-wisdom passage that will gradually introduce us to the 888 portal, the peak of the Emerald awakening that started months ago, and that now will be emphasized, especially in the Israel gate, Avalon lands, and other important locations retrieving the Emerald Ray.

We are already feeling the presence of our forefathers the White Elohim, as they told me when I received the 888 transmissions, helping and protecting us in this new phase that is like nothing we have ever experienced in previous years.

They are now intervening, benevolently, to assist in the planetary restoration and unification that is happening, expanding the love and healing embedded in the Emerald ray, that will continue supporting us and All living forms in the following months.

July is a loving month represented by a 6 universal number – 15 reduced. A number that represents the love, peace, harmony, and compassion that reigns, as well as the importance of our relationships, for there are many divine reunions taking place on the planet at this time, as a result of the monadic twin reconnection that many of you are undergoing, and that is the first step to achieve balanced and equal relationships.

Number 6 represents love. 6 is the stabilization that is taking place in many of us, and in our planet's organic gates, after the many changes that have been taking place for the last few months.

As it was June, July is too a month for expansion and self-realization, healing, and gridwork, for we all have different missions. A month for us to take care of our bodies, as they suffer the impact of all our daily thoughts, habits, feelings, past wounds, and the many energies that we have consciously chosen to embody.

On a deeper level, July’s energies open a wisdom integration portal in which many of you are already immersed, descending more clarity and guidance to continue with your unique journey and mission. Seven is often the number of years that we need to end a cycle and initiate a new one.

Seven is the time we need to master the human self, for its ascension, into a new level of consciousness. This is where we, personally, and globally, find ourselves at this time. A portal that this year my Guides shared is about clearing ancestral clearing, for when we heal from the present, the healing triggered affects our previous past and future seven bloodlines’ generations, helping them to liberate from years of repression.

It is only then that we can embody both our galactic and ancestral familiar wisdom, liberating them from our DNA, where it resided, repressed by the many non-benevolent tactics and tools to suppress consciousness.

It is a time as well to continue clearing Saturnian manipulations, as this planet has been deeply used to create more delusions and block the seventh-dimensional ray from fully entering our planet. Something that has now finally changed, and we are now able to embody the full seventh-dimensional spectrum, restoring, awakening, and opening again our seventh-dimensional left shoulder portal, embodying the violet ray and, hence retrieving the female energy.

July is a key month to focus on self-care, nourishment, and body recalibration. In the following three months, we will be constantly integrating again, and the success of our embodiment will depend on how much we dedicate ourselves to restoring and replenishing ourselves, and our bodies during these two months of June and July.

Astrological Events

We start the month of July with a healing event to help us at this time of rejuvenation and self-care. On the 1st of July, we have Jupiter semi-square Chiron. Jupiter, the planet of expansion defies all retrograde this month, as it will be very active, aligning with healing cosmic forces for us to continue our work of self-reconnection, illumination, and expansion.

Jupiter semi-square Chiron, at a time when our bodies need our attention. This event comes to remind us of the importance of healing the physical, mental, and emotional wounds as we navigate through this plane, and we need to address them rather than bury them.

Wounds that resurface from the depths of our being, when we do our healing work, clearing eons of manipulation, DNA suppression, female and masculine distortions, and above all, unlove and therefore fear, for this has been the most profound wound exerted upon humanity.

July is a month, for those who resonate with retrogrades, that have many planets turning retrograde. We already have Saturn since the end of June retrograde, as well as Neptune, doing the same on July 2nd, and Chiron at the end of the month. Being the only minor planet direct Pallas on July 9.

As you know I do not foment retrogrades, for this illusion has created and enhanced fears in the collective. Fears not to act, or expand on a certain period, fears of outer alignments and events having power over us and personal reality, and fears of limitation.

In my personal reality, all occurs according to both my personal micro cycles, ruled by my soul and God Self and my own creations. It all depends on what beliefs, and forces we choose to align with.

When we choose fear, we experience limitation. When we choose love and freedom, we continue expanding, for it is our true nature.

I leave it to you to take what resonates, leave the rest, and follow only your personal belief system and guidance.

If you follow retrogrades then it will also coincide with July’s energies which are about rejuvenation, moving inward to retrieve wisdom, and above all, harmony and healing.

Retrogrades are very real for those who believe in them, not because they have any power over us, but because they have created this belief as well as the collective, and we are so powerful as a collective that when we create something it becomes real. That is how powerful we are as divine beings.

Imagine if we direct this power to build positively, lovingly, and expansively.

On July 2 Mercury enters Leo. The essence of this reunion is to help us communicate lovingly, and passionately, from an empowering and authentic perspective, but always with the truth and respect to all.

All events from this month are teaching us how to become more loving, self-sufficient, compassionate, and caring towards All, for learning how to be and express ourselves more lovingly never ends.

It is a good energy to work on being confident, trusting our guidance and ideas, and learning how to expose them, constructively, to expand and help others with what we build, for our words build, whether more love, fear, or creativity. It is a good transit to make our voice be heard, respected and listened to.

Sometimes we may have wonderful ideas and projects to manifest. However, we may not have the confidence to take the lead and speak out. This transit is about learning how to express our hearts and minds, constructively, and compassionately.

On July 5 we have two important transits, Uranus semi-square True Node, and a New Moon at 15 degrees Cancer. The first event is about embracing, and integrating change and flow with it. This is what we are mastering this month, the integration of all the changes that by consciously agreeing and aligning with the new earth’s energies, we have created, and we are now embracing and understanding, from a more illumined perspective, for we need to adjust to our new bodies and reality.

Everything we experience, even if the most painful change, is to show us something precious we could not see if we were not passing through this lesson. We may not see it in the moment, we are not meant to. We will see it when we finally move into a more evolved state of being. It is then that we see the precious lessons, the strength, and the expansion that all these challenges brought to us.

This event pushes us to move forward with the change that is just the result of all of our previous work.

It is about moving into future timeliness, creating our new lives, and learning how to live within constant change, leaving the past behind and understanding that this time does not exist any longer, and therefore the only way is forward, keeping only everything, we have mastered, remembered while we traversed the shadows.  

The New Moon in Cancer, on this same day, represents the peak of the female energies, the universal Mother frequencies that are reigning our plane at this time, together with the divine masculine ones, fomenting self-nurturance, integration, and above all synthesis between both of them.

This New Moon is about emotional healing, rejuvenation, and wound clearing. This is pivotal when we are immersed in a transformative phase, as we have been for a while. It is a time to focus on everything that is resurfacing from the depths of our being at this time.

As we transform ourselves, many memories and wounds can emerge, and this is a time to acknowledge them, embracing pain and understanding that only when we embrace our vulnerability, is that we can open our hearts, for we already know the shadows, the pain, and we are no longer afraid of them. We now filter it and continue embracing more to heal ourselves and All.

On July 9 Jupiter sextile True Node. This is another sign of the universal assistance that we are receiving to consciously co-create with All that surrounds us, manifesting more love, abundance, and assistance throughout our creations.

The True Node often is about our destiny, where we are heading, and what our soul wishes to create, expand, or transform next. Many will feel the urge to explore the unknown, searching for new possibilities that help them expand their physical reality. While others will seek this expansion from within, expanding in their personal mission. 

Expansion, wealth, and everything we desire to improve in our physical reality, begin by first loving, respecting, and honoring ourselves. Without this basic principle, we cannot experience the outcome desired, for we cannot continue separating and believing that what we need comes from the outer, as it only creates the illusion of putting responsibility for our needs in others or something else that governs us.

On this same day we also have Pallas Direct in the sign of Scorpio. Pallas is also a very female energy, represents the wisdom of the feminine, and its power, when we are aligned, from within, with the Divine Feminine, and consciously descend its guidance.

This is a month to cultivate the female essence, which is passive but not that less effective or expansive, balancing the masculine, expansive, and fiery energies that are about to come.

A frequency that reminds us of the importance of dwelling in the love, wisdom, and healing power of the feminine, while we continue creating, and manifesting, in the physical, as reconnection, and deep soul communion, are key for us to create with discernment and equality.

Pallas in Scorpio invites us to delve into the unknown, into who we truly are, healing all separation and fears to see the truth, but also the wisdom that resides within it.

Two days later, on July 11, we have Venus enters Leo. Venus in Leo can assist us with two main purposes: clearing our ego, and discerning what is truly valuable from what is not an authentic expression of love, as we have been programmed to love from an egoic perspective, rather than from a soul one. 

Furthermore, learning how to give ourselves, passionately, to others, in the way we choose to do so, relationships, our personal mission, or anything we desire to manifest or expand, from a loving space, for when there is love, and will, there is always a way.

It is a wonderful energy to work on commitment, self-confidence, and loyalty, daring to be bold, creative, and stronger in the love that we are, and desire to express to others.

On July 18 Jupiter will quintile Neptune. Jupiter in Gemini together with Neptune in Pisces can be a very confusing energy for many who are experiencing a profound inner shift, as the more we expand into Neptune, the more risk of falling into delusions, escapism, and ungroundedness.

It also offers us the opportunity to see the illusions that often confuse us and impede us from seeing with clarity where we are, and what we need to move forward. This is why we need to be grounded and clear our minds and emotions first, so all we see in the depths of our being, we are strong to face and remove.

When we are grounded and balanced this transit will help us to dive deep into our emotions, into our soul and mental plane, helping us to dissolve delusions, and human programs, that still govern, and beyond everything limit our mental body, as well as to expand in healing, spirituality, and in our soul mission, for those who are already working in the previous.

If we follow our soul compass, as the only authentic guidance, we will learn how to recognize the shadows, illusions, and false programs, for our feelings never lie, allowing us to see where we are, and where we need to shift trajectory. 

On July 20 Mars enters Gemini. This transit is an invitation to be flexible, transcend limitations, and be open to new ways of communicating. Mars’s passionate energy helps us understand the power of communication.

How do we communicate with ourselves? Often, we program ourselves unlovingly and negatively through self-negative talk. How do we communicate with others? For words can create, heal, or destroy.

Loving, compassionate, and respectful communication is key here, as Mar’s fierceness does not make it easy to control our impulses. This is precisely the lesson, to learn when the time is to speak our truth, how, and who will value it, as communication is another form of energy of creating in the physical, and we should be mindful of where we share our deepest thoughts and feelings.

On July 21 we have a Full Moon in Capricorn. This is a twin moon, as we had exactly another Capricornian moon on June 21. A double moon whose main mission is to help us achieve self-illumination, grounding the wisdom that we are descending during this time of soul retrieval and conscious expansion, from within.

It is with Capricorn that we have the opportunity to move inward and work on our DNA, on the chromosomes, specifically, in the part known as telomeres, the ones that contain our DNA. Above all, for healing genetically inherited diseases, etc. Capricorn together with the energies that surround it, is a great support if we are working with our DNA, as well as with stabilization and implant clearing. 

Capricorn is essential for us to learn how to manage our body functions, energy, our vital life force, and all we are integrating, for we need to give the energies a clear purpose, as energies in themselves will not come to us and choose for us, it is our Consciousness the one who aligns, determines and manifests. 

Capricorn's essence will too help those who are working with clearing mitochondrial cells, as I previously shared in the first moon, which as you know also contain DNA, and are responsible for our body's energy management.

This lunation will help us be more grounded, take more care of our physical vehicles, and learn new ways to integrate and manage energy.

Beyond everything Capricorn is about self-illumination, and we can only achieve that when we shift our bodies and start the process of conscious transfiguration.

On the next day, on July 22, the Sun enters Leo. We pass from loving and intuitive Cancer to fiery Leo season. With the Sun in Leo, we can embody this fierce essence to empower ourselves and express our hearts by standing firm in who we are, sharing our unique Divine Spark, at a time when freedom and the right to express ourselves are essential. 

We will be assisted during this time, as we always are, to open our heart to a higher form of love and healing with the emerald activation that is taking place. An emerald retrieval that will be key to those who are healers, to expand on their healing abilities and universal mission of assistance to the planet.

An excess of this fierce frequency could lead us into arrogance, which is why balance, as always, and mastering the ego is key to being able to discern for ourselves if we are using these energies for self-empowerment or egoically.

On July 25 Mercury enters Virgo. Mercury in Earth signs this year is a very important message that we cannot miss. It is about remembering that purification, as Virgo reminds us, is important, but that this distillation begins in our minds.

Everything impure in our physical bodies, and hence, physical reality, began with a thought. If we focus on clearing our mental bodies, of all negative and self-destructive thoughts, our entire life will shift, for we have mastered the most important: the egoic mind and its passive-aggressive methods to disempower ourselves.

Think, feel, and act purely and everything else will reflect the same love, clarity, and honesty in your life. This is the main message from mercury in earth signs (retrograde) this year, for we often move into our physical reality, where we believe we can shift all that is not working, forgetting that it all begins with our thoughts.

We end the month on July 26 by having Chiron Retrograde, for those who resonate with it, although Chiron, the so-called Wounded Healer, is a healing ally whether retrograde or not.

If we choose to align with Chiron in Aries, it will help us to heal the ego, to work with all the victimhood and self-destructive programs that we may have, and that impede us from seeing our magnificence, as divine beings, which together with Leo is wonderful to embrace our authentic self, and its wondrous abilities. 

We have a month filled with loving and wondrous healing energies to start moving from pain and step into a more empowered and illumined state of being.

This passage is to help us retrieve strength, wisdom, and power to be able to immerse ourselves into a wonderful new energetic wave.

I wish you a wonderful July, Beloveds.

May you create more love, harmony, and peace.

Within Infinite Love,

Natalia Alba

sábado, 27 de mayo de 2023

The Energies of June 2023 ~ Retrieving & Anchoring Harmony

Beloved Ones,

We are entering into a new month of profound soul retrieval, stabilization, and liberation. An inner process required for us to be able to see, from a more illumined perspective, what we have to release, transform or let go, in our ascension path. A month that will serve us to restore our energetic bodies, for when we enter deeper into the summer, we will be immersed in another potent restorative, and expansive wave.

June has the perfect frequency to help us make a pause in our endless evolutionary path to discern, and from the inside, witness our present trajectory, realizing if we are heading in our desired direction or not at all. When we talk about natural retrospective cycles, we do not necessarily have to think in terms of non-action, as often we are even more active when we move inward and create from within.

This is a season for reunification, clearing, and resting, which is pivotal if we are willing to step beyond our limits and expand into new horizons. We have a soothing and stabilizing month as its universal number 4 (13 reduced) indicates, together with the 6/6 portal, which too reflects stability, harmony, and peace. Both numbers help us find the inner balance and peace required to see where we are, and what we wish to continue manifesting next, in our physical reality. 

June is a month for personal transformation, healing, and resting if we have previously done this inner work, and hence illumination if we are willing to go into the depths of our being, where we can do all the necessary changes required for us to be more unified. 13 is the number of transformation, which simply means to move from a state of being to another, a more peaceful one represented by its reduced number 4. What determines our new state of being is our conscious choice to move from separation to unity, for all is a matter of choice after all.

An inner process that does not have to be painful, unless we are not prepared to leave behind an aspect of our old self and all that is attached to it. This results in experiencing profound suffering, which does not come from the personal shift we are undergoing but from our resistance to letting go.

Letting go is our nature, we are constantly embracing and letting all go, even though we have created the illusion that we are linear beings. It is a time to adapt to change and rather than resisting it, open our hearts truthfully to what shall come, for it is law that when we let go, something else, more illumined, loving, is meant to occupy its place. 

Numbers 4 represents the balance, the stabilization that comes when we have synthesized what was previously separated, and therefore in pain, and move into a more peaceful state of being, something that always comes after the proper inner shift required. We pass now to anchor these inner changes into the physical, which is also the same message that number 4 gives us at this time, a message to anchor the wisdom and clarity that descends to us into our human self.

Both essences from numbers 13 and 4 complement each other, as both are a result of the other. Essences that represent the energies that are also helping us planetarily speaking, and that will too join the galactic ones that are coming to support our evolutionary journey. 

Gridwork Planetary Mission Update

Guides emphasize the importance of this month for those who are stepping into this global mission, or expanding into it, for we are having important openings in certain planetary locations that need to be cleared, restored, and stabilized, at this time. The stabilizing and harmonic essence from June will help us greatly in continuing to anchor the crystalline grid on the manipulated 3D Earth one, a process that continues advancing, as our planet keeps embodying its fifth-dimensional double.

During June, the focus will be on the restoration of the fabrics of time and space, as well as other locations which need to be healed from war memories and other important experiments. The more we continue with this process, the more we can regain access to our original simultaneous time, rather than the limited linear one, created for the 3D experience.

There are also many openings to this mission or helping already, with the Auroras, supporting and stabilizing the Earth's passages and pillars, that help our plane in precisely anchoring these higher illumined frequencies.

Some of these pillars are the ones that the Auroras are facilitating for many who are ready to exit Earth's 3D plane, so they can finally, and freely, move beyond the archontic wheel of incarnation, and resurrect in more illumined and harmonic timeliness.

We all can seed more love, harmony, and balance. We all have our unique role within Creation, and no role is more special than another, for we are all equal pieces of the Divine Puzzle to bring back the love, wisdom, harmony, and power needed on this planet. 

Honor who you are, and your unique soul's mission, and you will be honoring God's Source, for it is when you finally choose to be who you are, and nothing else, that your precious mission begins to unfold, and you start doing what God desires to do through you. 

Astrological Events

June is the continuation of the expansion that began in May. However, during this month the expansion will be for us to move inward, giving our bodies the necessary rest they need. We had a very active Jupiter during the previous month, and we too begin June with Jupiter conjunct True Node, which is another sign of the universal assistance that we are receiving to consciously co-create with All that surrounds us, manifesting more love, abundance, and assistance throughout our creations.

The True Node often is considered to be about our destiny, where we are heading, and what our soul wishes to create, expand or transform next. Many will feel the urge to explore the unknown, searching for new possibilities that help them expand their physical reality. While others will seek this expansion from within, expanding in their personal mission. 

Expansion, wealth, and everything we desire to improve in our physical reality, begins by first loving, respecting, and honoring ourselves. Without this basic principle, we cannot experience the outcome desired, for we cannot continue separating and believing that what we need comes from the outer, as it only creates the illusion of putting responsibility for our needs in others or something else that governs us. When we become sovereign beings, we understand that we are the only real source of wealth in our life experience, and we pass from expecting miracles to creating, from this inner space, all we need for our sustenance, and physical expansion.

Two days later, on June 3, we have a Full Moon at 13 degrees Sagittarius. This Moon is linked to the previous aspect, as Jupiter rules this sign as well, and hence, it is the peak of the optimism, expansion, and love that reigns in the current planetary energies, especially with Gemini's energies reigning as well during this month. A phase for us to rest, rejuvenate,  let go, and focus on joy, enjoying all we have achieved, standing firm in who we are, in what we desire, and moving towards the creation of our soul's visions. 

A season marked as well by retrogrades, for those who resonate with these phases, as this month we too have Neptune, Pluto, and Saturn retrogrades, which is a sign, for those who live under this collective belief, of inner retrospection, essential to be able to discern where we are, and see if we need to shift direction. This is vital during this month, for we are preparing again for another intense passage during the summer, for we have the Lions Gate and many other important alignments to integrate and co-create with. 

On June 5, we have two important events, the 6/6 portal, which is a passage for stabilization, gridwork, healing at a personal level, balance, and alignment with our Unified Self, together with Venus entering into Leo. Venus in Leo is about turning this that we are so eager to live with another, love, confidence, care, and passion towards ourselves, becoming empowered beings, in love with the Divine Aspect within, so we can begin to give the same we hold within. 

We are the first ones who need our affection, love, and care, and if we cannot be authentic and loving towards the self, what can we give to others, if we are empty of all these attributes inside?

On June 11th, we have Pluto retrograde moving into Capricorn again, until it finally moves again into Aquarius, on January 2024. Pluto in Capricorn reminds us of the importance of using our personal power to reconstruct our reality, pursue our goals, and be efficient, which is not about acting more, ending all chaotic habits that destroy ourselves, and the many desires we wish to achieve. If we have not yet learned this lesson with Pluto in Capricorn, it has come back to help us see what we have to shift to achieve our desires.

Mercury will enter Gemini on this same day too. Mercury is Gemini's ruler, when at home we are invited to learn how to communicate effectively, but with the compassion and empathy required for us to have balanced and loving interactions. Communications extend to the non-physical as well, for we are meant to be in constant exchange with All That Is. 

It is also a time for studying, wisdom retrieval, going further into anything we wish to learn or dig deeper into, and for channeling, understanding by channeling, to establish a direct, conscious, and sovereign connection with our God Self and Guides team. It is an alignment whose frequency is meant to help us in becoming better communicators, and it is up to us how to direct with whom we wish to communicate and how. 

This is a total mental reset of all we previously hold in our mental bodies that we have realized now did not serve anymore in our human experience, for where we are heading - a more harmonic reality - we cannot carry anything that continues limiting ourselves, and our new chosen personal experiences.

Saturn will too be retrograde in Pisces from June 17th. During this time, we are being invited to work on what being spiritual means for us, for we all are on different paths and have different notions of how to be spiritual. This essence will help us in being disciplined in what we wish to achieve, spiritually, shifting our belief systems is necessary to finding a more creative way to live our lives. The focus is on finding a way to align our soul with our mind and human selves, so all we birth comes from a unified perspective, which is when we obtain stable and lasting results. 

The next day we have a New Moon at 26 degrees Gemini. The cusp of this sign, before we move into Cancerian energies. We continue mastering the mind, the intellect aspect of us, clearing it to obtain a higher direction. This a moon to regain joy, being spontaneous, so out of this joy, which shall be our natural state of being, our manifestations expand and are properly anchored, in the physical. A time to plant the ideas, the seeds we envisioned in our minds, and to nurture them, as well as our bodies, so when we emerge, we do so stronger, and wiser. 

On June 19, we have Jupiter sextile Saturn. This encounter expands, even more, our creations, everything we wish to birth, and all we have been working with to create a more stable, abundant, and loving reality. As always, patience is key to seeing results, together with devotion to our personal path, compassion towards ourselves, and faith, as often when all is not going as we wished, we tend to lose faith, quitting the process that we so carelessly created, from within, and then thinking it did not result in what we expected. Surrendering after having planted our seeds and having trust in Divine Timing is essential to obtain the desired outcomes. 

On June 20, we have the Sun entering in loving Cancer together with Juno, doing the same the next day, and the Summer Solstice for those who live in the Northern Hemisphere and the Winter Solstice for those residing in the Southern one. With the Sun in Cancer, we have the opportunity to connect with the aspect of us that feels at Home with All, and that reminds us that wherever we are is Home, for we belong to the entire Universe. 

This is also a wonderful opportunity to work on our intuitive senses, and hence, our feminine aspect, as well as to grow in maturity and heal our emotional body, especially of the delusion of wanting to always live in the ethereal. 

A period for us to work with our sense of protection, familiar genetic issues or present ones, that are still unhealed as well as our sense of belonging to Earth. It is a time for us to become our own caretakers, remembering that if we are not aligned with our Soul and take the time to release and heal first, we could not be of any assistance to others. 

It is indeed a very nurturing and loving month for us to focus on the importance of taking care of ourselves and our bodies, as the main foundation not just for ascension, but for us to be balanced and be able to give, from a full space of love, not one of neediness. 

Mercury will too enter Cancer at the end of the month, on June 26. Mercury in loving and intuitive Cancer is a wonderful opportunity to stop all the mind noise and begin to communicate with our feelings, with our Soul, learning how to lovingly communicate, first with ourselves, and then with others, with empathy, and compassion. Mercury will help us express our feelings fluidly, as many times, especially to those who are natural empaths, we tend to withdraw so much that we forget how important it is to communicate what we feel. 

We end June by having another retrograde planet, Neptune. Neptune's Essence is always going to be there in the same way, for us to tune into it, when we are guided to commune with our soul, expand into our feelings, and intuitive visions and work with our higher senses, independently of the illusion we have of it being retrograde or not. 

Many will benefit as well from Neptune's energies of facilitating going inwardly, to clear illusions, and old habits, as often when we let ourselves be carried by our emotions and old programs, we may fall into escapism. We can always regain consciousness of who we are, feel love again, and start anew, for at every minute we have a choice of transforming our entire being and life experience. 

The essence of this month is one for inner retrospection as the only way for self-illumination, healing, and restoration. June offers us the gift to act as the harmonizers channels that we came here to be, starting by our own selves, and continuing with our beloved planet, for we too have a soul contract with it, to assist in all we can, to create the change that many of us are already feeling, seeing and living. 

A month for us to remember that it is not about reaching the peak, but about discovering the wonders of our human journey, while we are still in a human body. 

I wish you all a loving and peaceful June, Beloved Ones!

Within Infinite Love,

Natalia Alba 

domingo, 27 de febrero de 2022

March Energies 2022 ~ Compassionate Witnessing

 Beloved Ones,

As we continue traveling between many different timelines, we welcome a new energetic month that will help us navigate through the many dimensions that exist, bringing clarity, guidance, and a new sense of direction. A month that is the peak of the 2-2-22 portal that began in February, and that invited us to work on the unification of ourselves, and body portals, to reach a higher level of union.  

During this new month, we are indeed seeing the evidence of the polarization that is taking place in our planet, something that is not just happening in one country, but in many of them, due to the lower level of consciousness of a few. Events that are showing us that there are still some who choose to continue separating by imposing terror and by disrespecting all that is sacred, as are human lives.

This is a month in which we are being called to be compassionate witnesses of what is happening, as we cannot do anything else on a more physical level to control or change what is already occurring. Our main task is to remain always centered in our hearts, in a space that shall remain untouched, pure, and in unity with All, otherwise, we will be also entering into a state of fear, diverging the planet into a timeline of more fear and fragmentation. 

Compassionate witnessing is not just about sending prayers or love. As ascending souls, we already know that it is about entering into a higher level of consciousness in which we are able to become One with our God Self and Monad and embody more Consciousness, that is to say, more love, compassion, and healing light. 

This is not something that we just do in one day or by just meditating and feeling love for All. This requires evolved tools, daily devotion, being in a constant state of love and surrender, and having the mastery to anchor this universal Love for All. 

March is one of the most calming, magical, and healing months of the year. However, it is all that we do with the energies that are offered to us, and with our own state of being, that will determine our own personal reality. At this transitional time, and now more than ever, choosing love, and doing what we can to assist, is pivotal, as we cannot ignore what is taking place, but we can contribute by offering ourselves in service. Some may open their homes, others may offer abundance, and others their most sincere love, all serves within Creation. The important thing is that we continue choosing love, in any form we desire. 

March as its nine frequency reminds us, represents the end of a cycle. A cycle that began by awakening to who we truly are, healing all that was fragmented, and beginning to unify polarities to regain unity consciousness. It is with Pisces that an era of limitation and slavery ends, to birth an era of freedom and light, for those who are ready to recognize a higher way of living and desire to step into it. We have conquered our shadows, rebirthed into the illumined being that we are to ascend again into a more enlightened state of being. 

The essence of March as a number nine, precisely indicates transformations, endings, and hence, new beginnings, with the following transfiguration that comes when we awaken our consciousness and pass from a lower state of being into a higher one. Number 9 is a confirmation of the beginning to the very end, of the completion of a cycle. It invites us to let go of everything that is not serving our higher purpose until we empty ourselves until we create the inner space to allow this new frequency to invade our entire being.

As I always say, we are forever ending/beginning anew within this eternal cosmic spiral. For we never end, on the contrary, we are just beginning to discover the many realms that exist within Creation and its Infinite Wisdom.

Number 9, in perfect synchronization with what we have been experiencing during March and its Piscean energies, is represented in the Tarot by the Hermit, which is giving us the message to be wise, move inward and like the Hermit, focus on our inner Light - Truth - to walk among the shadows until we reach the new shore, using only our inner Light as the only compass to navigate through our current reality, for we need nothing more to be able to discern which way is aligned with our God Self, and which one does not serve any longer. And even if the path of solitude is not always easy, it is essential to listen to our inner Divine Guidance, before giving birth to this new reality, in which, we have already a higher aspect of us dwelling in it.

This is a month for us to focus on creating more peace, love, and compassion, as it is very important to bring more illumination, higher understanding, and above all, neutrality into what we are witnessing, as judging or constantly feeding conflict, will only bring more desperation, as we cannot do anything to shift the current circumstances. 

However, we can do a lot in shifting energetically for those who are ready to receive more love into their hearts. This is where our help is of great assistance, not in impulsively interfering where we cannot change things, but in building a strong energetic shield, so our vulnerability, empathy, and compassion grows, becoming our strength, rather than becoming a weakness. 

Astrological alignments 

Astrologically, March is the only month without retrogrades. It is a time for us to rest, rejuvenate, and re-emerge stronger, purified, ready to move forward with our chosen journey, creating and manifesting a more illumined, loving, and peaceful reality. 

We begin this magical month by having a wonderful event - True Node semi-square Chiron - to help us in our healing journey. An alignment that will help us realize where we most have been wounded, where we are not yet acknowledging emotional damage or any other painful experience that has marked us, and that we need to bring into the surface, heal, and transform if we desire to move forward.

We are in a month as its nine frequency reminds us for us to bring conclusion into a cycle of our lives and begin anew. In this month everything within Creation coincides for us to step into a new timeline, healing the past, as Pisces invites us to do, and moving on onto the next thing we wish to create.

Shining a light precisely in magic, healing, and miracles, we begin March by having on the 2nd of the month a wonderful New Moon at 12 degrees Pisces. A moon that comes to calm us all down, after the intensity of February and everything that is taking place in the outer, for the matrix continues in its intent to cause more fear, destruction, and confusion in the collective, something that we all suffer in one way or another, as we are all one family, connected beyond our human understanding.

As the Moon in Pisces conjunct Jupiter and Neptune, both in Pisces as well, it is a wonderful time for us to dream big, descending from the ethereal, from the depths of our soul, the visions that we have for our lives. We have had the time to pause, especially during the first month of the year, heal, rejuvenate, and after the intensity of the previous month, now we are ready to begin anew, with a new sense of direction on where to go next. As creators we have infinite possibilities, for we are the ones who choose among the many choices which one to manifest and bring into fruition. 

On March 6, we have two important planetary events occurring, Mars and Venus enter Aquarius. Aquarian, Piscean, and Virgo energies are going to surround us this month to help us liberate ourselves, heal and reclaim our sovereignty and mission afterward when we are in an inner state of clarity to receive and be able to process our mission, for it is something that is gradually integrated, as we evolve. 

Before looking at both Mars and Venus, individually, it is important to notice that Mars, who represents the masculine essence within us, and Venus the feminine one, together, is a wonderful opportunity for us to continue working on the synthesis of both opposites, as we began with the 2-2-22 portal. This is an ongoing inner work that many energies will continue supporting, as it happens during March with Mars and Venus, strategically aligned with other forces as well, for us to continue healing and balancing both essences. 

On a more individual level, Mars, in Aquarius is going to be of great assistance for us to express our hearts, energy, and the unique essence that we, uniquely, hold within. Mars fierceness in free Aquarius represents how we express ourselves in the world. Are we leaders in charge of our own lives? Or are we still slaves? Are we freely being who we are or are we still living in fear of doing so? This is about putting yourself out, as well as your dreams and goals, going after what you truly desire, freely and wisely. 

We too have Venus moving into Aquarius, on the first day of the month. Venus's frequency is one of universal love for all to remember the importance of our true nature and the liberation that is already happening, planetarily speaking, and that is only the beginning of a long process of conscious liberation for eons of slavery.

A process that, as we are already seeing, rejects, by creating more horror and by trying to continue subduing others to their egoic's will. This is what this transition involves, chaos, and often confusion and desperation. However, when we are aligned with our God Self and know that our higher will is always to create more love, all challenges are opportunities for us to continue with our personal mission. 

The message from the cosmos is to help us remember that we all are love, and that love lives in freedom, as it is only by setting all free that we can truly love. This is what humanity, as a collective, is regaining now, the remembrance of what Divine Love and unity truly mean. Sometimes, as we live in a world of opposites, we experience what unlove is, so we can remember again who we truly are. It is always about remembering how to come back Home, after all, whether we choose the loving way or the unloving and harder one. 

We are all heading into a space where freedom and the right to express our hearts is Law, as where we are heading there is no one or outer force that can impede us to do so, for in the Illumined Realms, there are no opposites or the need to fight for control, as love reigns and there is no opposite, as this is the only frequency that exists, and that we have chosen to hold. 

On March 9 Mercury in Pisces is indeed a perfect frequency for those who are working on awakening/expanding their higher senses - retrieving wisdom whether by working on past life activation or simply by the unique way they have chosen their gifts. For the ones who have already awakened their abilities or some of them, they could receive creative visions, dreams, or the transmissions they need at this time from the Illumined Realms, in the unique form they receive guidance, and help them in their ascension path as well as to assist others. 

Another important event is Virgo's energies on March 18, with a Full Moon at 27 degrees Virgo. Another sign that like Pisces is devoted to serving and giving freely. It is with this Moon that we conclude a cycle, and rebirth, as the Equinox reminds us, together with the new astrological year, into the purity of who we are. This is a time for us to end or be, depending on where we are, any clearing treatments, commune with earth, regain more rejuvenation, grounding, and remerge again by being stronger and nourished.

This is going to be a time where endings and beginnings collide, which involves a unique opportunity for us to destroy, transform, or create, anything we wish to shift in both within and in our lives. 

On March 20, we pass from Pisces to having the Sun in Aries together with the Equinox, when the energies will reach their maximum apogee. It is with Aries that we start again into this endless wheel of life. We pass from Pisces, the ultimate evolution, where we finally acknowledge All as One, to Aries, where we begin to know the self, working with it until we can regain a sense of others. 

Leadership and self-empowerment is key with this sign. However, with Aries also comes the gift to burn all that is not serving us. We have with the element Fire another opportunity to help us bring more transformation and purification to ourselves and our lives. 

On March 27 Mercury enters Aries. This is about focusing on the power of our word and personal beliefs. How we communicate with the world, and with ourselves, remembering that there is always a further communication that goes beyond the physical one, as we can all connect through the power of our hearts, for we dwell in many invisible dimensions, where communication is done through the heart and mind.

We end the month with Neptune sextile True Node on March 28. This is a wonderful encounter to enhance our sensitivity, caring for others as part of who we are too, especially in a moment when we need to be more united, more empathic with what is taking place in the world. This is also going to be of great assistance for us to commune with our intuition, and expand into what our soul has envisioned for us next. 

A time to focus on the light, on being compassionate as the higher form of action towards injustices, for we cannot do anything else to shift global situations that are out of our hands. What we can do is stop feeding the chaos and fear, and stand firm in who we are, as even though it may seem it does not change circumstances, it helps those hearts who are open to receive more love, peace, and understanding. 

It serves to bring more global healing too, for what we do for ourselves, we do for All, and is received by All, as we are and live in a holographic reality, not in a fragmented and individual one, even though this is our illusion of it. 

The same that fear has an impact so does the light we choose to hold within. The same that fear creates monsters and destruction, the same light builds and restores.

It is our decision on which side we decide to remain. 

Within Infinite Love and Peace to All,

Natalia Alba