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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance with you Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, transcending matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

I AM a free sovereign being in an path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a free sovereign being expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience, the Source of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You
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Mostrando entradas con la etiqueta planetary healing. Mostrar todas las entradas

viernes, 27 de octubre de 2023

Planetary Gridwork update, October 27th, 2023

Beloved Ones,

As you know we are traversing a very important planetary passage, in which many of us are immersed in a mission of restoration and gridwork, as the eclipses are activating many planetary spaces where we can start anchoring the sixth and seventh crystalline energies received, during this time.

We have been, especially during the Solar Eclipse, clearing past timeliness, on both a personal and a planetary level, and it is now the time for us to anchor more love, restoration, and clearing in the areas where our planet is experiencing separation, which is what we see from the outside, as what is truly taking place is the rehabilitation of certain planetary gates and the many intents for it not to happen.

For those who are new earth's anchors, gridworkers, stabilizers, or many other roles within Creation, and are assisting with planetary rehabilitation, Guides invite us to work on the following locations. Although, as you know, we all are One with our Planet and we all can send our love equally.

  • Jerusalem, Temple Mount, which is an organic stargate that has been controlled for many years, and that is now asking for assistance. Please, remember that this has nothing to do with all the human propaganda, about who is right or wrong or who is good or bad, for as ascending souls, we know the Truth, and we feel love and compassion for All, not just for a few, remember that it is the dark what allows the light to shine. 

As planetary healers, especially if you are gridworker, you will need to clear religious programs, in these areas, geomantic anomalies, reversals, miasma, female repression, and many other issues that once there, remotely, you receive for you to clear, as this is about your personal mission as well.

  • Bali: which acts as a safe corridor, protected by the Auroras to step into higher timelines. This is also a portal where 3D souls, ready to step into higher timeliness, can repair their damaged DNA. Guides shared the importance of knowing these locations, which are available for All, not just for privileged ones, as the Truth is only one and is shared for All. 
Those whose mission is to heal the 4th dimensions, or the astral, and the many souls who need to heal through soul retrieval, will use this location as an illumined portal to help cross these souls.

At this time on the planet, there are many crossing over who need a safe location, and Guides share the importance of assisting those who are leaving planet Earth through traumatic deaths, so they can remember who they are and find a harmonic timeline. 
  • Cornwall, in the UK, is another universal location that serves as an exit point for those who are now leaving the planet, and also connects to all the other passages, as Guides share today for all who have this as a personal mission and wish to contribute to the assistance provided at this time for those souls who are now exiting the matrix now. 

Guides invite us not to enter into conflicts for we feed planetary separation, but focusing on seeding love and compassion, to help bring more balance into the present chaos.

This is a very important time to assist our planet in regaining stability, in the locations where is possible, and act as healers in others where healing is required. We can only do that when we begin healing ourselves and moving into a more compassionate state of being, one in which we hold unconditional Love for All, equally.

We are heading into a more illumined timeline, our efforts to create the change that we are also witnessing, have not been in vain, and it is now more than ever that we need to focus on peace and harmony rather than on the turmoil they want us to see, for we cannot choose love while we remain in the frequency of fear.

Thank you all for your constant assistance and healing, Beloved Ones.

May you always remain in the Illumined Essence of your God Self.

Within Infinite Love,

Natalia Alba 

sábado, 1 de mayo de 2021

The Energies of May 2021 ~ The Power of Love

 Beloved Ones,

This new energetic month of May comes with many changes, for as this universal five year has been reminding us since the beginning, we are in a state of constant integration and hence, transformation, as in truth, this is our authentic nature. A change that as we grow in wisdom, we understand that is part of who we really are, for the more that we distil old illusions, especially regarding our lineal and fixed existence, the more that we come back to live within Divine Flow, flexibility and the adaptability that comes when we finally embrace all that comes as it IS, rather than forcing everything to fit into our human illusions.

In May we welcome another important change, one that defies us to master our inner creator and another that comes with the coming of the eclipse in Sagittarius, at the end of the month, and that will push those who are still reticent to adapt to change. For the more we resist to what is meant to naturally take place, the more chaos that we will be - unintentionally - creating. 

Despite May can seem a month to work only in a tangible level, it is a month that even with its big emphasis into the physical, is all in the end above love, for love is the only authentic power that exists and has ever existed. Love as the only way to manifest a new reality, for only love can truly manifest, even though other forces claim to do so too. Love to remind us that all we see in the physical - abundance, manifestations, etc. - is only there because first has been love in its purest form. 

May it is a very profound month with potent cosmic energies to support us into the process of wisdom integration, and into he many mysteries that life still holds for us, for we are just beginning to realize how manipulated we were, and how many lies we have been told. The Truth is yet to be uncovered and we are just beginning to dive deep into it. 

At a cosmic level, May is a month in which we move from the Yin essence that starred the first months,  to the Yang one that will govern this new month and that will help us bring forth, and anchor, our new soul creations, and hence its universal 1 essence. A number that indicates beginnings, some that comes within the massive change that we have created, since the beginning of this year.

Number 1 is a reminder that we are ending/beginning a cycle - although still oscillating between both worlds - and it is pivotal for us to end with all that used to limit us, as we keep expanding within the new worlds that we are now bringing into form. We are still immersed in a huge transition, and as we reach the shore to our new destination, our main aim is to keep dissolving lower layers of an old self, as well as learning how to navigate through a passage that is revealing to us, and that will continue showing us more truths as we reach the Sagittarius eclipse. 

Number 1 in tarot, is represented by the Magician, one hand pointing to the sky and the other one towards the earth. He knows how to work with the Universal Laws, as he has mastered the art of descending into the physical what is first created in the ethereal. This is where we are at this time - birthing our deepest soul desires. 

We all are magicians as we all have within the power to manifest the outcomes that are aligned with our Highest Will, we just have to focus our precious energy into what is truly important, as it is not a time now to waste our personal power on delusions and past situations, but in the new life experiences that we are building and that have nothing to do with who we used to be.

Who we used to be is no longer who we are, even though we may still seem similar to our old self or some circumstances may too be familiar. In the moment that we make a personal shift, involving habits, behaviours and anything that is not who we truly are and begin behaving in a totally different way, we are a new person, and it is only when we choose to focus on who we used to be or in what we once did "wrong" what brings the same old results into our present reality, nothing and no one else. 

In May we are in the space in which beginnings and endings find each other. It is precisely in that infinite space, where we dwell in possibility, free to choose the timeline that is most aligned with who we are now. 

It is yours the choice to decide whether to continue repeat old experiences or to align with the new ones that you truly desire to experience next. For only you choose, decide and create. 

At a cosmic level, we begin this new month of May by having Mercury entering into Aries on May 3. This is a very loving frequency that helps us to communicate, at a time when we have been forbidden to do so in many ways, and even more in a personal level, due to the recent events. So, this event comes to show us the light after the darkness and a new opening in consciousness, one in which we are eager now to express our inner creations with the world, all we have learnt and all the inner gifts that we have to offer and share with others.

On May 5, Jupiter quintile Uranus. This is another confirmation of the planetary and cosmic expansion that we all, in some way or another are choosing to experience. Expansion within a new clarity and way of seeing reality, for not all is as we thought or were told to be. Expansion within freedom, for it was the first birthright taken away from us since the very beginning of Earth's origins, and expansion to continue integrating the wisdom that has always been within, and that we are now finally consciously activating, for only once we move within and expand into this inner knowledge is that we can truly be free sovereign beings. 

May 8, Ceres in Taurus. This is a very nurturing energy, as Ceres is the planetary aspect of Creation that represents the Mother, the caretaker and the lover that we all have within. Ceres invites us to take care of ourselves, as often we forgot how important it is to acknowledge ourselves and what our bodies need, especially when we choose to ascend while we are still physical beings, and in the importance that nurturing all aspects of our lives as well as others, has, for as benevolent compassionate beings, we are not here to judge but to offer our love and care to everything and everyone within Creation. 

This is something that we came here to remember, for this is a perfect plane to learn unity, as since we are born we are bombarded with the importance of the self, leaving aside that in truth we are all One Family. Ceres represents the unconditional love that we are, and that we came here offer to All. This is what we all are remembering again, the importance of taking care of ourselves, of the planet and all life forms.

On May 8 we have another important event too: Venus enters Gemini. When the Planet of Love is in Gemini, it is the perfect energy for us to love learning, acquiring knowledge and everything that makes us grow and evolve in the tangible. Not only there is the love for others or life in itself, but for sharing who we are, our personal truth and the wisdom that we, uniquely, descends and are eager to share with others. 

This is a stage in which many are hungry for knowledge, wishing to know more about their inner awakening process and what is taking place within themselves. As ascending souls who have already passed through the initial stages of our evolutionary journey, now it is a time to express ourselves and put our hearts out there for the purpose of selfless assistance. 

On May 11 we have a New Moon in Taurus. Taurus will give us a boost of energy, for after all we have been through a lot this year and after all the intense waves recently integrated between our personal and unique process, we all deserve to rest, revitalize and begin again anew, by feeling replenish and fresh to begin our new journey. 

This is going to be a Moon for us to regain confidence, something that many have lost due to the massive intent for manipulation and control. This is a time to remember what is important, and above all, our power as creators, which is something that no one can dim. 

Jupiter in Pisces, from May 13, is going to be a very expansive essence for us to dive deep into spirituality, into all life's mysteries and into anything that we desire to deepen, finding the truth and what will help us in regaining more wisdom and clarity. A time to learn compassion, for those who are choosing differently, and for everyone who, in their unique way is trying to evolve, the best they can. 

A time for soul reunions, for soul groups coming together to co-create on Earth, what they, on a soul level, pre-planned, before their incarnation. It is indeed, depending where we all are, a time of profound recognition, with ourselves, with others who too walk close to us in this journey, and to above all, in whatever way, to continue acting as love conduits. 

This summer, is going to be a very special one for soul reunions, for in a planetary level, Guides share that there are many, who belong to the same soul group and that are meant to co-create for the purpose of wisdom activation, and for planetary healing purposes, so this is going to be a key phase for all who wish to expand into their missions.

On May 20, we have the Sun entering into joyful Gemini. We pass now from the earthly sign Taurus to move into the speed of the element Air. It is now time to focus our attention into our mental Plane until we reach the perfect balance and wisdom that we need in all planes. If we learnt how to manifest in our earthly plane with Taurus, enjoying the simple pleasures of our lives, our mere existence and the joy to be here at a unique time - experiencing a human realm, creating infinite abundance - now, the Twins, will make us cultivate reason and everything related with our intellectual side.

It is also a good time to study and expand our knowledge into new directions that could benefit our inner growth and give us new ideas for the next steps of our journey. Gemini will also assist us to express our hearts and feelings, by communicating with freedom, and discernment. It will help us to realize if we tend to focus more into one polarity or the other, so we can find union between different poles. A perfect time as well to dissolve from our mental body negative thoughts, conflicts, confusion and everything that is there causing us imbalances that later will be manifested into physical pain, in our bodies. 

On May 23 we have Saturn, the Planet of responsibility, retrograde. With Saturn, we are going to have the opportunity - whether retrograde or not, as all is illusion - to see an old cycle ending, especially a planetary one, as even though some evolved souls did so before, there are many who are beginning to shift timelines, at this time.

A time for us to take charge of our lives and responsibility for our creations, for at this stage of our evolutionary journey, we have finally found that there is no one else to blame anymore, and the only thing that we can do, if we do not resonate with our current results, making the proper changes, to experience different outcomes. 

To me, Saturn has an associated meaning with karma that again is human, and no Planet or Gods come to punish or reward us. It is all what we choose to create and do with what we have, what creates. In life, as in anything else, is about simply recognizing that what we have created, done or thought was not aligned with love after all, and choosing a different result, more than blaming or finding responsibility in outer things.  

Almost at the end of the month we have on may 26 a Full Moon total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius. This is indeed a time for Truth, revelation and above all, for understanding that we, now more than ever, need to move inward to regain this clarity and wisdom, for there is nothing that will come from the outside, if we first, do not align with the nature of that which we wish to co-create with. This is a time for completion, of the knowledge that we began to integrate and that is yet being descended. This takes time and devotion, but it is what will help us to move into a new and wiser state of being.  

Lastly, we have on May 29 Mercury retrograde. As you may already know, I no longer, for years now, put emphasis, feeding old beliefs, about mercury retrograde or in any other human illusions, as I think it will only serve to contribute to keep fomenting lies that once we created and that only diminish ourselves and make us feel small and governed by outer circumstances. So, I leave it to you to make of this aspect what most resonates with you, for as always, what you choose to think, you choose to create. 

Therefore think wisely, for it will become your reality. Only you choose if you desire to live within freedom and possibility or within restriction and delusion.

I wish you all a wonderful and limitless May, Beloved Ones.

Within Infinite Love,

Natalia Alba