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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance with you Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, transcending matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

I AM a free sovereign being in an path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a free sovereign being expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience, the Source of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You

viernes, 1 de marzo de 2024

Grounding our Visions

Beloved Ones,

We are moving into a very creative passage with the energies of the 3/3 portal and the Piscean energies that surround us during this month. At a personal level, this is also an inspiring time, as we also have on this same day Jupiter semi-square Neptune, which is going to trigger an influx of divine visions, and guidance for all who are aligned to their souls and desire to descend into the physical what they first create in the invisible realms.

Jupiter is a formidable expansive force that when in co-creation with Neptune invites this passive planet to ground its visions in the physical, where we came to master ourselves as creators and where we can enjoy and expand our manifestations.

It is a time for us to focus on personal growth, for as it is within it will be without. A time for self-reflection before acting impulsively, and a time for us to remember the importance of moving into our compassionate heart center, to be able to witness ourselves, and our lives, from a wider perspective, so we can know what needs to be shifted, distilled, or expanded. 

As Guides shared, this portal is a cosmic window for us to focus on both, the descension of our soul mission, creativity, and all we wish to bring into the tangible world, and at a planetary level, for those who have this mission and are energetically prepared, to continue focusing on restoration, healing, and trinitization, which is simply the unification, through consicous recalibration, and retrieval, of the many distorted structures that continue to be programmed to create more separation.

The consicous co-creation, and descension, of our soul's desires cannot occur if we first do not commit to our spiritual path, do our daily practices, and act with integrity at all times. When there is unity, there is creation. When there is still separation and a lack of integrity within us, there is no alignment, and hence, our creations will not satisfy our true desires.

Stabilization, and working on balancing the ego self is essential to be able to step into this creative passage, where we have a cosmic window of infinite possibilities to birth our desires, and start co-creating in a more illumined way with others, and with All within Creation, for we too co-create with All living beings, as part of our mission is to assist all forms of consciousness to continue as well with their process of planetary transfiguration. 

This is why during this month Guides invite us to work on being authentic and acting with integrity, for we can lie to ourselves or even others, but never to our God's Self and Universe. If our manifestations are not what we wished, then we need to move from victimhood and blame and start revising the creational process we followed, and how we can shift, inwardly, what was not aligned at the time of our creation.

As you are all in different stages of your ascension journey, you will be the ones choosing how to align with the current energies and with which purpose, for only you govern your existence, and nothing and no one else. 

I wish you a creative and loving passage, Beloved Ones.

May you embrace and recognize your sovereignty and precious gifts.

Within Infinite Love,

Natalia Alba 

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