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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance with you Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, transcending matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

I AM a free sovereign being in an path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a free sovereign being expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience, the Source of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You

miércoles, 30 de agosto de 2023

The Energies of September 2023 ~ Harmonic Recalibration

Beloved Ones,

September brings new opportunities for us to continue stepping into our new harmonic timeline. With this month, we are already reaching the peak of this year's energies, a year of wisdom integration and light body reconfiguration for the majority of the ascending souls, for it is a year of conscious reconnection and realignment with our God Self and Illumined God planes.

A year in which awakening, activating, and reconnecting our main body portals have signified a totally new opening for many who were eager to receive and feel connected to Source again. We are immersed in a reconnecting process that indeed has shifted the perception of our reality, as we used to experience it, for as we rehabilitate our DNA strands, their time codes, and wisdom, we too begin to leave behind our old sense of time, and space. The more we continue bridging our human self with our Divine One, the more signs that we are getting further from the 3D world. 

Time moves fast as we move closer to simultaneity, experiencing how months pass faster and faster each time. The acceleration of particles, due to the new level of consciousness embodied, is what causes the feeling of moving fast through our 3D time. Many of us are now functioning in a totally different frequency when fixity and linearity no longer have the same impact or importance in our daily lives.

Removing all that impedes us from regaining our natural balance, is key to being able to embody higher levels of consciousness, reconnecting with our higher selves, and stepping into ascension. This month is about recalibrating ourselves completely, as this is how we achieve harmony and a new order within our new bodies, for our bodies are shifting constantly, as we consciously continue embodying higher energies. 

During the past months, especially during August, we have been embodying frequencies descended from the sixth, seventh, and lastly, eight dimensions. Our bodies for the first time in our human history are beginning to experience the process of galactivation required to truly transform, while we are in the physical. This is a process that needs lots of rest and recovery if we desire it to be successful. 

September is a calmer month astrologically speaking, that will help us while we are still adjusting to our new frequency, for it allows us the time for us to prepare ourselves for October and November, when we will be immersed again in a new integration phase, until December. However, we are not just receiving the energetic impact of the dance between the many planets in our system, but also from the many dimensions and galactic openings that are descending more light into our planet.

September may seem calm from our planetary perspective, nonetheless, it does not mean that nothing is taking place within and without our microsystem. As always, it is through conscious reconnection and alignment that we can commune with the many energies that now collide in our planet, to begin co-creating with the ones that are going to best serve our bodies and personal journey, at this time.

Confirming the process that we have been undergoing for months now, September is a seventh universal month, within a seventh universal year too. A month whose energies are precisely about soul revelations, through the deep communion with our female essence, as the planetary events will too remind us during this month. It is the peak of the wisdom embodiment process that we have been immersed too, since the beginning of the year.

This is precisely why it is so important that during this month we do the work of clearing old timelines, beginning the reconstruction of our lives if where we are is not resonating any longer, with where we would like to be.

It is not so much about material manifestations, but about mastering personal alignment to remain as long as possible in our chosen frequency, which will allow us to remain centered in our hearts at all times, as the planet continues experiencing the natural challenges necessary for it to evolve. Our main task is to remain in our Illumined Essence, as the only way for us to anchor more love, peace, and compassion.

Seven is the number of initiations that we must pass before we can step into ascension. A frequency that will be reinforced at the end of the month by the Aries moon, and that will remind us to celebrate our achievements, not just what we have yet to attain. 

Number seven shows us where we have been and where we are going. Have you mastered all the challenges that helped you remember who you are? Are you still repeating the same old patterns, thoughts, and situations? Have you realized the illusion of separation? Have you found the wisdom and power within?

It is a time of soul-realization, when we begin to discern our creations, by moving inwards, observing if there is anything we still need to transform/unify, to be able to proceed with our journey, knowing that where we are heading is where we need to be next, within Creation for the betterment of All involved. 

Guides invite us to work on soul retrieval, forgiveness, and wholeness, as we release and remove what does not serve, for us to start our new journey emotionally healed of all we are leaving behind. This is a month in which soul communion will help us greatly to continue clearing our DNA, retrieving its crystalline essence, as we continue embodying higher frequencies. 

Our mission is not just a fixed one, for as ascending souls our main purpose is to work on ourselves, as it is only through inner work that we begin to remember, who we are, our unique mission, and how we can develop it to serve All.

It is in our hands to reclaim our power and wisdom, and when we understand, through conscious remembrance, that our main task is to reconnect what has been damaged, especially our natural connection to our God Self, it is when we finally start realizing the infinite possibilities that lie ahead of us, as whole beings. 

Astrological events

Astrologically speaking, we end August with the third moon in Pisces, an essence that helps us too in the process of reconnecting that we have already initiated. We also begin September by having Venus direct again, for those who resonate with these phases, on the 3rd of September. However,  we too begin the month with six planets retrograde, summing Jupiter, which turns retrograde the next day. As you know I can no longer share about retrogrades, as they do not impact my personal life experience, for I have removed this limited belief. I am sure there will be other sources that will inform you about these phases.

Venus and Jupiter are wonderful allies, whether retrogrades or not, for like I shared, it is just a mere human illusion from our planet. Both planets help us to expand in self-love and worth, and hence in creating abundance, as this cannot occur if we first do not love all of who we are, completely. Expansion in love, healing, and creativity is what both planets offer us if we choose to align with their essences.

Remember that planets, like us, are having their own evolution within Creation, they are not here to curse or bless us, for we are creators and nothing determines our human existence, but ourselves. The rest is conscious co-creation and alignment.

When we regain consciousness and remember who we are and our divine power, as creators, we understand that all we call miracles or external assistance, is nothing but the conscious will, and alienation with the God Within, as this is what ultimately creates our life experience.

On September 13th, we have Vesta entering Cancer and Pallas moving into Libra. Vesta used to be the Goddess of Home, protecting the family, as the universal mother that this asteroid represents. It is very similar in a way to Venus's essence. It too represents the sacred feminine creative force, the one who gives birth from within, and that connects with the divine. 

Guides shared the importance while Vesta is in Cancer for us to remember that Home is within and that while we are humans we have two Homes, the Divine One within ourselves, an invisible power that makes us feel at Home, wherever we go, and secondly, our bodies, our sacred physical home, that gives us the opportunity to experience this human life.

Taking care of ourselves and our bodies, is vital at this time, for we need periods of recovery before we can move forward and enter into a new integration phase. This is a time for us to nurture ourselves, so we can too extend this same love, nourishment, and protection to our family, home, and all that is sacred for us. 

On this same day, we too have Pallas, moving into Libra. Pallas represents the wisdom of the feminine, and its power, when we are aligned, from within, with the Divine Feminine, and consicously descend its guidance. This is an opportunity to use the wisdom of the feminine for us to solve any situation justly, from a space of unconditional love, equality, and more balance, for Libra asks us to make balanced decisions, acting in a way that will benefit All, equally, not just the self. 

This is a month to cultivate the female essence, balancing the masculine, expansive, and fiery one from last month. A frequency that reminds us of the importance of dwelling in the love, wisdom, and healing power of the feminine, while we continue creating, and manifesting, in the physical, as reconnection, and deep soul communion, are key for us to create with discernment and equality. 

The next day, on September 14th we have a New Moon in Virgo. A Moon that invites us to detoxify, take care of ourselves, at all levels, declutter and bring all into its original order, from within to without, remembering the importance of structure, and discipline to be able to create balanced and aligned outcomes. Virgo is all about restoring the authentic order in ourselves, things, relationships, our bodies, and everything that surrounds us, for we have the power to distill, regenerate, and purify completely. 

This is a very healing frequency for all who are too immersed in that healing-recovery phase, for it is a month in which all the energies align for us to nurture, heal, and restore ourselves. This is the continuation of the energies that began with Pisces at the end of August and that too invited us to commune with ourselves, clearing all we should, stabilizing ourselves completely before we can step into a new phase of constant embodiment. It is also a good phase for all who are rehabilitating and reconnecting their DNA, retrieving its crystalline properties, as we continue uncovering our dormant wisdom and potentiality. 

On September 15th, Mercury will move direct, for those who need this information. As you know, nothing can govern our micro cycles, but our own soul and God's Self, unless we give our power away to illusions and other distractions. It is up to you how you choose to see reality and create within it. 

When we feed a belief that is an illusion, we make it true. We see evidence of it everywhere we look at or go, not because it is real, but because our power, as creators, adapt reality to the vision we have of it, that is how powerful we are. 

A few days later, on September 23 Sun enters Libra, and we too celebrate the Equinox and with it, the peak of the stabilizing frequencies received since the end of August. If we look closely, this month offers us precious energies for us to balance every single aspect of ourselves, and hence, our lives, as they are a reflection of how we feel inside. 

This is a very harmonic Equinox, for it is about creating more inner balance, through healing and clearing, as well as into our planet, through our conscious acts, and our particular mission. A very busy period for stabilizers, and grid workers whose main mission is to seed harmony, and balance and bring restoration to the Earth's organic portals, for now more than ever we are called to be of service to All, as this journey, it is never about ourselves, but about remembering unity and how to serve the whole, through our conscious and loving acts. 

Finally, on September 29 we end the month with a Full Moon at 6 degrees Aries. This is a moon to celebrate, where we are, and what we have healed, cleared, achieved, and created, for not all is hard work in our ascension path, and celebrating who we have become, due to our inner work and resilience is also of great importance.

Guides always share their respect and appreciation for all we do, from a space of unconditional love and selfless assistance, for they, from their perspective, see what is truly important. This is a time for us to revise, discern our personal journey, and see only that which we are grateful for, and have mastered, for recognizing the steps we have already taken towards self-unity and service to All, is vital for us to see our progress, regaining hope and faith in ourselves and unique journey.

I wish you all a wonderful and harmonious September, Beloved Ones.

Within Infinite Love,

Natalia Alba

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