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Natalia Alba

Welcome Ascending Souls! I AM grateful to share this Ascension path of soul remembrance with you Beloved Ones. A journey, from duality to unity, transcending matter through Spirit, as Ascension is nothing but the descension of our soul into our human being. I honor and thank you all for sharing this sacred space with me!

I AM a free sovereign being in an path of Soul remembrance and selfless assistance to others. And so are You ~ I AM a free sovereign being expressing my Truth with integrity and Love ~ I AM the creator of my life experience, the Source of Love and limitless resources of my physical world. And so are You

martes, 25 de junio de 2024

The Triple 888 passage - Emerald Retrieval & Timelines Reconnection

Beloved Ones,

We are concluding a phase of soul and monadic reconnection that started at the beginning of this eighth universal year. The silence and harmony that reigned in these two months is vital to help us stabilize all the wisdom and healing transmissions descended in our human being. The coming 7/7 and 888 portals will trigger a major planetary opening that will impact all of us on this ascension journey. Numbers that reflect the eight-dimensional energies we have been embodying throughout this year, as we too reconnect to these dimensions. 

At an individual level, the triple 888 passage represents the transfiguration we are experiencing from carbon base to crystalline beings, as well as the twin monadic embodiment that occurs when we initiate ourselves in these Illumined realms and start merging polarities. It is the completion of the thymus-heart activation portal in our bodies, helping us to restore our Higher Hearts and live from a more unified space. 

Planetarily the 888 passage represents the retrieval of the emerald ray we have been feeling for a few months. It is a unity portal as my Guides shared, which involves the opening of the many dimensional portals, and their stabilization, that connect us to other dimensions and civilizations. 

The 888 passage is an Essene earthly portal anchoring the emerald ray and expanding this same healing and activation to All. It is situated on the so-called Avalon lands, on the triple eight-dimensional portal on the Hill of Tara, near Skryne in County Meath, Ireland. It represents the union that is taking place within and the planetary reconnection to All the timelines. 

Many of you will be activating your Essene coding, remembering what needs to be cleared, starting to retrieve your unified template, restoring eons of female and masculine splitting, and completing monadic reunification until the ninth dimension. 

This is a mission that many of you have been supporting all this year, and even previously. It is due to the dedication of many of you who continue assisting in the restoration of the fabrics of time and space, that we are retrieving the infinity of our existence, and all the lost knowledge, for nothing is limited within Creation. 

The 888 portal will impact our light bodies and will help us correct any anomaly in our masculine and female star tetrahedron vehicles. It will be also a time for all energy transmuters to act as filters of all the toxicity, lower energies, and other environmental distortions that need to be removed, as every time there is an activation, there is also the release of the previous non-benevolent structures or essences, and it is going to be a challenging time for transmuters.

I personally never heard about this little location. When I saw it I was mesmerized as it really looks like a double 8. I think you must have felt the same whether it was the first time you connected to it, or have seen it before. As planetary healers probably many of you have been there already. Comments with your experiences are more than welcome and appreciated to inform-share with All if guided. 

I tried to transmit the vision I received about this planetary activation in the picture I made from an aerial one of the Hill of Tara, in which I was shown how the 8s expand infinitely in the land in all directions, bringing healing and supporting the planetary chakra transfiguration that the elementals and the earth's roots are also undergoing. 

My Guides shared that the lion's gate this year was going to be totally different from other years. I was invited today to share this message even before the time comes, for it is now when everything is being woven behind the physical scenes. It is now my Guides shared when we most need to be aware of what is taking place and choose with what forces we desire to align. It is not really about the 888 day, this day just represents the peak of everything we have been working with for a while. 

The 888 portal represents the peak of this planetary emerald healing and unification, as this passage will bring healing among the many planetary reversals that still govern our earth's templars, fabrics, and collective. 

Everything, from the micro to the macro, is being reconnected, for we are now prepared to transform ourselves as species, reclaiming our lost knowledge and galactic connections. This is what the triple infinity represents.

This passage confirms where many of you are now, becoming sovereign beings in communion with your God Self, activating your monadic twin, which starts by doing so within and reconnecting with all of who you are, eternally and perpetually, as the triple 888 represents. These coming 77 and 888 portals are the peak of this eighth universal year. A passage that prepares for the eclipses and the complete transfiguration and subsequent reconnection that many of you will be undergoing.

Many of you are now aligned to your monads, healing galactic timelines, retrieving wisdom, and above all, your soul's purpose, feeling the companionship of walking now unified, for our entire monad walks, breathes, and also evolves with us.

There are many eight-dimensional holders among us, whose mission has been key during this year to help us descend the many 8D frequencies that we are constantly embodying. Their mission is to bring back hidden knowledge that has been kept from us for eons. 

The more we train our consciousness to navigate outside of our time and space, the more connected we will be to who we are, our Guides, and All within Creation, for we cannot maneuver with timelines if we first do not open our consciousness. 

During June and July, Gridworkers, New Earth's anchors, and light weavers are massively anchoring the New Earth's codes and its timelines codes that later on harmonic channels stabilize. This is a very important phase for the stabilizers, as they are the next ones preparing for the stabilization mission on specific areas of the planet, their locations, or where they are guided to go remotely/physically to be of assistance.

The luminaries-Auroras, also present in the dragon energy from this year, are helping us in the greatest planetary awakening that is taking place. They are helping Timekeepers with the removal of artificial timelines, so we can only align with the harmonic timelines of our choice.

Even though calm, silence, seems to be ruling this time, a lot is happening behind the physical scenes. Every one of you has a unique and precious role within Creation. As ascending souls you all come with a unique blueprint that already serves the planet just by BEing, for we do not need to be constantly doing to be of assistance, as all we do for ourselves, we do for All.

Often the most efficient way to assist is just to BE, heal, and clear ourselves, understanding that if our body channels are not ready to receive, we cannot give either, and our bodies are supporting the weight of both time and the intensity of the energies we co-create with.

It has not always been easy, for our chosen ascension path is not a bed of roses. However, it has been always worth it, to feel the love, warmth, constant support, and new planetary opening that has taken place.

All of you have gracefully, some without even knowing it, contributed to this planetary opening. 

Thank you for BEing a light beacon for All, Beloveds.

Within Infinite Love,

Natalia Alba 

jueves, 20 de junio de 2024

Cancer-Capricorn Passage, June 20th, 2024

Beloved Ones,

It is a time of profound self-illumination and reconnection. A passage marked by the Solstice, together with the Sun moving in Cancer, and a Full Moon at 1 degree Capricorn that will opposite Venus and Mercury, both as well Cancer. Cancer represents our female essence, while Capricorn our masculine one. Both signs work in perfect unison to assist us in healing at a soul, emotional, and physical level. This is a powerful time for us to embody the Solstice transmissions to work on our mother-father aspects, healing past trauma and moving into a new future timeline.

Many of you may feel extremely emotional at this time. Cancer emphasizes what is hidden within the depths of our being, for us to acknowledge it and embrace it. This is a sign that you need to let go of emotions that are trapped within your emotional, mental, and physical bodies, keeping them from moving towards the light of who you are. When we hold onto something, we impede the flow of all the blessings that are Sourcing towards us, feeling the pain - resistance - and frustration of being in this fragmented-disconnected state of being.

Letting go creates flexibility, grounding, and healing, which is what Capricorn invites us to do at this time, to obtain self-illumination and the freedom that comes when we let go of our past self, its memories, and all we created, from a different level of consciousness. The more you liberate yourself from who you are not, the more you allow your true self to emerge. 

The opposition between the Moon with Venus and Mercury is another confirmation of what we have been working with during all this year, the integration of both of our opposite essences our divine female and masculine aspects, our heart and mind, and everything that is opposite within us. Many of you are now passing through a period of synthesis in which you are balancing heart-mind, which is what these essences from these opposite forces are helping us with. An inner work that is arduous as we let go of egoic beliefs, fears, and programs and learn how to reside in our Higher Hearts. 

As we balance the ego and continue unifying ourselves, we gain awareness and hence wisdom and personal power. Personal power comes with freedom, especially of mind, becoming free thinkers to detect all the non-benevolent tactics and manipulations that are constantly bombarding us to continue controlling our minds and souls.

This is a year of reconnection, which is why we are witnessing the desperate intents to control our consciousness. Our mission is to continue creating our personal timeline, for as conscious creators, we are the ones who can determine with what forces we align or not. Every choice creates a new timeline. We will manifest the timeline we infuse with more energy, intention, and will. 

Capricorn invites us to bring all we are descending, discovering into the depths of our soul with Cancer, into our physical being and earth plane, for this is where we truly trigger change. This is precisely what Saturn - retrograde at the end of the month - and ruler of Capricorn asks us to do at this time, to focus on descension, as ascension is nothing but the descension of our Illumined Essence, into this physical self and plane. This is how we achieve enlightenment by remembering, awakening our human self, and embodying our lost soul fragments.

A time to unify by working on healing, retrieval, and above all regeneration, for it is vital to be able to continue our journey of personal evolution and assistance.

In this two-month window, it is crucial that we focus on our bodies, working on healing, and reprogramming our telomeres,  as Capricorn invites us to do as well. Many of you suffer from stress and anxiety, pushing yourselves to continue when it is time to rest. This has a profound impact on our telomeres and has been scientifically demonstrated that it is the main cause of shortening our life.

This is also a time to balance our relationships. All that is fragmented within must be addressed if we desire to have equal partnerships. Otherwise, we will feel the same separation that arises from not being fully aligned and synthesized. Saturn, ruler of Capricorn invites us to set healthy boundaries, where we can be ourselves, sovereign beings, and let others be who they are too, co-creating within equality and divine love. 

This harmonic space we find ourselves at this time, in which silence seems to reign, is nothing but the antechamber of what is yet to come, in the following months. We are preparing ourselves for August, which is the peak of the monadic integration phase that we have been immersed in since the beginning of this eighth universal year, and the eclipses in September and October. Events whose impact on our bodies will be if not the same, very close to that of the SOL-AR transmissions received a few months ago.

The 888 portal this year will be a totally different one, for it will signify the embodiment of higher levels of consciousness for many of you who have been incessantly working on soul reconnection. A passage that is just the continuation, the crest of our previous inner work. It will also involve the opening for many of you to galactic communication, for you are now dwelling in the soul-monadic dimensions, where authentic communication takes place with your illumined self, Guides, and other benevolent beings.

When we reside in the three-dimensional levels, the majority of the time the information received comes from the astral planes, this is why it is so important to heal and clear our astral body, and move into the fifth-dimensional dimension, to receive authentic information and maintain conscious exchanges with those who guide us and walk with us, and among us, for as you know, they are already walking among us.

Truth is what the present and coming events offer us. Truth is out there for all who wish to align with it. It is our choice to discern and align with the Truth or continue living in illusion.

We just have to have the courage, humility, and acceptance required for us to embrace it, as often Truth is not always what we expect it to be, and being open, merging opposites, and being in complete surrender is what will open the gates to all the revelations we are eager to receive, and we are prepared to integrate, at this time. 

May you choose to embrace the Truth that lives in your precious Hearts, Beloveds.

Have a loving and harmonious passage!

Within Infinite Love,

Natalia Alba